Med3q.Com Brings Social Networking to Physicians, Health-Conscious Consumers

Free Website Helps Doctors Save Time, Make Informed Business Decisions; Gives All Members Tools to Better Manage Their Health

Fort Worth, TX, July 13, 2007 --( Launched today — in the age of YouTube, MySpace, and Yahoo! Groups — aims to be the first free online social networking site for physicians, their extender staff as well as health-conscious consumers.

Developed by doctors and CEOs, the site specifically addresses key pain points in a busy doctor’s life, namely a lack of time to:

learn about better business practices;
share new medical developments;
interact with other medical professionals; and
help patients make important lifestyle changes for better health.

“Social networking will have a dramatic impact on the entire field of healthcare,” says med3q founder W. Harwood Runner. “Achieving good health should not be a passive experience; med3q members get actively involved and share and learn from each other to build the value of the site for everyone.”

“We live with a healthcare system that says one thing and does another. It tells us we need to take charge of our own healthcare, but doesn’t provide any resources to do that and behaves in an opposite way. med3q supports people in managing their health better,” adds Runner.

med3q saves doctors precious time and helps them get the most out of their busy lives. It provides a free, secure, private online community of credentialed healthcare professionals to share business, practice, career, health, lifestyle and industry information, and facilitate peer discussions and clinical and personal information sharing.

“Physicians find it harder and harder to interact with their peers in conferences or meetings because time is the scarcest resource for all of us,” says Dr. Gregory Cooper, D.P.M., MBA, chief medical officer for Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento, Calif., and a med3q Advisory Board member. “med3q’s professional networking capabilities enable us to exchange timely information with peers around the country about the latest developments in our fields without ever leaving the office. That is a tremendous professional help.”

med3q is the one stop on the Internet that these professionals can customize to their liking for medical and lifestyle information, track continuing medical education, get business advice, news and more. It saves time by pulling together information and tools from around the Internet into one place to help grow a medical practice and foster a healthy bottom line.

The website’s unique “doctors-only” BizRx™ provides engaging and stimulating audio interviews with industry experts in 5-to7-minute increments free to physicians who have joined BizRx provides doctors with objective advice in the areas of business, practice management, patient relations, personal finance and much more.

med3q is also free to the general public, for whom the site functions as an online gathering place that enables individuals and groups to share their health stories, events and other information, post blogs, meet online, and much more in a private and secure environment. Health-oriented groups, for instance a local cancer-survivor support group or fitness-focused group, can save the costs of their own websites when they join and use their own unique med3q URL instead.

Chronic diseases – such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer – are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These diseases account for seven of every 10 deaths and affect the quality of life of 90 million Americans.

“I have type 1 diabetes and I am committed to staying healthy,” says David Ritter, a database developer for ShopLocal, LLC, and a med3q Advisory Board member. “med3q lets me share my knowledge and stories, learn from others, and helps me find information on the latest medical devices and treatment plans.”

med3q’s health diaries, tools and reports enable greater accountability, helping members who use them regularly to achieve greater success managing their health and chronic conditions. Community members may securely share health records stored on med3q with their physicians, if the doctors are also med3q members.


About med3q
med3q is an online community of people dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members. The free social media site provides social-networking platforms, lifestyle-improvement, health-management and problem-solving tools for those living with a wide range of chronic diseases and conditions. Credentialed healthcare professional members benefit from free professional-only social networking, peer-to-peer support and expert information on practice management, patient relations, personal finance and more.

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