Republicans No Longer Have the Corner on Christ

Cascade, CO, July 14, 2007 --( Dr. Linda Seger, author of “Jesus Rode A Donkey: Why The Republicans Don't Have A Corner On Christ,” comments on why Republicans have lost the moral high ground.

What’s The Story?
Contrary to popular political propaganda since the 2000 Presidential Election, America’s Christians are not exclusively card-carrying Republicans. The common idea that the religious base in this country is voting strictly Republican is just that – an idea, and an indefensible one at that.

Evangelicals are increasingly leaving the Republican Party and choosing to label themselves as Independent or Democratic. In the 2004 election, only 22% of Evangelicals voted for the Democratic Party candidate. In 2006, 28% did. Now, only about 40% of Evangelicals identify themselves as Republicans. Liberal Christians and Mainstream Protestants and Catholics have traditionally voted for Democratic candidates in larger numbers.

Why The Change?
Although the Republican Party has claimed to be the Party of God, the facts speak otherwise:
- They have given tax breaks to the rich and not helped the poor. In spite of over 600 verses in the Bible calling Nations to account by how they treat the Poor, the Republican Government has not lived up to the Command for Christians to help the Poor, the Needy, the Widows, the Orphans, the Oppressed, the Stranger.
- They have not followed the Command: “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. There have been lies, deceptions and half-truths about Iraq, about the environment, about scandals, about educational goals, about health care, about prisoners, about terrorism.
- They have followed the command of Genesis 1, to “subdue” and “have dominion” over the earth, but have not followed the more prevalent Scriptural command from Genesis 2:15, to care for and cultivate the earth.
- Although they have been Pro-Life (although there are no verses in the Bible about abortion, unless one counts Number 5:12 as a verse for abortion), they have not had a consistent life ethic which shows care for the sick, for children born into poverty, nor have they been against capital punishment or against war.
- They have backed a war which many Christians and many Churches believe does not satisfy the long Christian tradition of what constitutes a just war.
- They focus on fewer than six verses that could be interpreted as against homosexuality, but do not follow the 2000-3000 verses about caring for the oppressed.
- Although they have spoken about family values, only one of their all-male, all-white candidates is still with his first wife. Several are alienated from their families.

What Can We Predict For The Next Election?
With the Democrats “Leveling the Praying Field” according to Time Magazine, we can predict:
- That the rhetoric will change for this next election since Republicans no longer have the moral high ground.
- That Evangelicals will vote for Democratic Party candidates in larger numbers, perhaps as many as 50%, as issues such as the environment and social justice come to the forefront.
- And that issues, other than homosexuality and abortion, will become make-or-break issues for voters.

About Dr. Linda Seger
Dr. Seger is both a Born-Again Christian and a Quaker. She’s a theologian, an author and teacher. She holds a ThD from The Graduate Theological Union, an M.A. from The Pacific School of religion and an M.A. from Immaculate Heart College Center. Her media credits include The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Good Morning, New York, Good Morning, L.A. etc. Seger resides in Cascade, Colorado.

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