New Book Offers a Radically Simple Solution to Childhood Obesity

We've been wrestling with the childhood obesity epidemic for a decade now and watching as things grow progressively worse. Finally a practical minded teacher outlines a strategy that's been proven to work, with real kids.

Lombard, IL, July 25, 2007 --( In his new book, Operation Pull Your Own Weight: A Radically Simple Solution to Childhood Obesity former teacher, coach, and writer Rick Osbourne suggests that the experts have spent billions searching for a solution that’s been hiding in plain sight for decades. In Osbourne’s words, “There’s not a P.E. teacher in the country who’d take issue with the claim that kids who can do pull ups are never obese. That being the case, the simple act of teaching kids how to do pull ups, and inspiring them to maintain that ability, effectively immunizes them against obesity for a lifetime.”

Four Years of Documented Success
The new book reflects Osbourne’s four year experience at Jefferson Elementary School in Davenport IA where he initially designed, organized, and oversaw the strategy that he now describes in his book. The result of that four years worth of experience was a school full of kids who not only could do pull ups, but a school full of kid who learned to enjoy tackling this difficult task and mastering it (through regular work, eating right, getting sufficient rest, and avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs) publicly, in front of their peers.

“Through OPYOW Jefferson School students learned to expect success instead of expecting failure in a very hands-on way,” Osbourne said. “And that lesson alone was worth its weight in gold to many a student’s future.”

Small But Regular Chunks of Success
A major feature of the OPYOW strategy is that progress is achieved in very small, but regular and visible chunks. “Kids today expect a quick return on their investments,” said Dr. Larry Woods. “And if they invest time and effort, a little documented success almost every time they work out, goes a long way towards inspiring, and motivating them to come back and do it again and again. In OPYOW kids experience success in front of their peers almost every time they participate. Weeks and months of public success causes kids look forward to their next opportunity to get on the pull up bar. It’s truly amazing.”
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OPYOW Endorsements

Ever seen a fat monkey or chimpanzee? They can pull themselves above tree limbs all day. In this sense the human primate are the same. If your child can do a pull up they can't be fat… case closed …Rick Fuhrmann

"Operation Pull Your Own Weight is much more than just a childhood obesity prevention program. It's an attitude seed that if planted at a young age, and cultivated over a number of weeks, months, and years, it will change lives and brighten futures for kids around America and even world." …Dr. Larry Woods

"Operation Pull Your Own Weight is not only a great childhood obesity prevention strategy, but a wonderful parenting primer for anyone who's interested in raising strong, healthy, and self confident kids." …Robert LaRue

The children are able to perform in this program no matter what their age, size, or economic background is. They participate enthusiastically, often asking to do more than my schedule allows time for. The sense of accomplishment and pride is apparent in their faces as they learn more and more discipline in the physical and mental challenges of Operation Pull Your Own Weight. …Devoura Lee Cooks

"Operation Pull Your Own Weight is an inexpensive way to help prevent childhood obesity. I recommend it as an easy and measurable way to help kids keep fit."
...Tim Grover (Michael Jordan’s Personal Trainer)

“On the pull up bar our students learned that they had to take responsibility for getting their own work done, eating right, getting their rest, and avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. If they failed to do these things, the pull up bar knew immediately and denied the public success that all kids crave. It was a real eye opener, and that may be the single most important thing our kids learned from OPYOW.” ….Henry Reams, Principal, Jefferson School, Davenport, IA

Every Physical Education teacher should have a copy of this new book, read it, and implement it. It’s infinitely practical and affordable, and if applied correctly, the childhood obesity epidemic would be over in a decade or less. …Al Kranz, Northern IL University

Your passion for helping young children avoid obesity is obvious. Strangely, the article reminded me of the bar my dad put at the top of the door to our bedroom. We would chin ourselves upon entering and leaving. I never did get fat and still remain rather strong for my age. A good idea always has a beginning. I wish you the best with your work. It comes across that you are doing the right things for the right reasons. …Tommy Boone, PhD, MPH, FASEP, EPC, Professor, Chair, and Director, Exercise Physiology Laboratories, Department of Exercise Physiology, The College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN 55811

Dr. Tommy Boone is also the Co-Founder and former President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists, the ASEP.
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