Brand New Sport & Television Show Debut on "The Winning Team" Challenge -- with $1,000,000 at Stake

1000 Teams. $1,000,000. A sport that has never been played before. A show that will take the world by storm. This is "The Winning Team" Challenge and anyone can take home the title.

Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 2007 --( LEET™ and "The Winning Team" Challenge has arrived. With teams already pre-registering across the United States and the global registration period approaching fast, we are proud to announce the beginning of an unprecedented tournament and television show.

The basis of the show, LEET™, is a highly strategic, fast-paced and physical team sport that has been developed by sports and television industry professionals at Spring Sports Ltd. It is a real sport, with real people, real competitions, and real emotion and team spirit. Not yet revealed to the world, it is tailor-made to meet the needs of players, spectators, and the media.

The show itself, "The Winning Team", will be the largest and most influential reality series ever made. With an emphasis on team spirit, hard work, and pure determination, it is a revolutionary program that will activate and connect people through its unique content: a fantastic, brand new sport called LEET™. Already a media and sports phenomenon before it even hits the air, "The Winning Team" will follow the ascent of ordinary people on their way to sports stardom and a one million dollar reward.

We are now in the process of pre-registering teams for "The Winning Team" Challenge in North America and will soon open the search for contestants from all countries and all walks of life. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate, but only the "Winning Team" will take home the coveted $1,000,000 title. We encourage everyone, who has ever had the dream of becoming one of the most influential sports & media icons of our time, to register on their website and join the challenge.

You can go to for more information and to register your team for the ultimate competition.

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