Southern Author, Jeffrey W. Waller Has Recently Released His Novel, The Twisted Mile Through

Jeff Waller asks the question, “What if?” What if the secret of perpetual motion were actually discovered? How would the world react? Would there be resistance to such a wonderful discovery, and where would it come from? The work is available through most major book outlets and through Lulu (

Booneville, MS, July 30, 2007 --( The story: After going public with his fantastic creation, a perpetual motion wheel, Bill Murphy struggles through difficult circumstances, finding that certain people are interested enough to kill for it. He takes the precaution of going into hiding until he is able to get a better feel for the public's reaction to his find. His suspicions are quickly legitimized by the actions of mob-connected individuals. Murphy and his wife remain in hiding while being pursued across America by unrelenting killers until help comes through unexpected sources and Murphy finally joins forces with the man he had once considered his worst enemy.

The Twisted Mile is a fast-paced action adventure that readers will find it difficult to put the book down until its conclusion.

About the Author: Jeff Waller was born 1955 in New Orleans and lived in The Big Easy until 1992, when he and his wife moved to her hometown, Booneville, Mississippi. Like someone said, "I wasn't born in Mississippi, but I got here as fast as I could."

Jeffrey W. Waller