MD Biosciences Releases New Mouse OVA-IgE ELISA

Sensitive, reproducible and accurate method for measuring OVA specific IgE levels in mouse serum and cell culture supernate samples.

St Paul, MN, August 05, 2007 --( MD Biosciences, a global biotechnology company focused in inflammations research, announces the recent launch of its new Mouse OVA-IgE ELISA. The OVA-IgE ELISA offers researchers sensitive, reproducible, accurate and reliable results for the measurement of OVA specific IgE in mouse serum and cell culture supernate samples. The kit is ready-to-use with all necessary reagents and can be completed in under 2.5 hours, requires small sample sizes and measures levels down to 7.8 ng/mL with a sensitivity of less than 3.8 ng/mL.

Ovalbumin is widely used in inducing an allergic response in mouse models of allergic asthma. Through T cell and B cell signalling, IgE production is stimulated and released into the bloodstream where IgE attaches to cells such as mast cells and basophils. These cells are then activated after the IgE is cross-linked with antigen, initiating the allergic cascade.

In addition the Mouse OVA-IgE ELISA, MD Biosciences also offers other reagents such as T1/ST2 antibodies, in vitro assay services and efficacy disease models for the study of allergic asthma.

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MD Biosciences provides products and pre-clinical services for companies engaged in inflammations and neurology research. The company is headquartered in Switzerland under Morwell Diagnostics and has specialized laboratories located in Minnesota, Glasgow, and Israel. A panel of scientific experts provides companies’ in-depth expertise and technologies to tackle problems and provide flexible drug discovery solutions, enabling smarter results faster.


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