Clench Media Launches New Blog Site

Clench Media launches new blog site today that will increase its demographic reach.

Miami, FL, August 20, 2007 --( Clench Media launches an exciting new Blog site today that will increase its demographic reach further into the smaller niche technical consumer audience. The new site will target a more web savvy and technical programming audience which is a coveted market for a lot of B2B advertisers.

According to the VP of Sales Tyler Lubbers "This is just one of many site additions to come in the next several months to our network. This will help us target niche groups that have been somewhat elusive to most advertising networks so far and allow our advertisers more options when it comes to the audience they would like to reach and market too." The new site allows users to create their own personal blog with photos, information, recommendations, thoughts, etc. It features programming that helps the user optimize their blog for search engines commonly referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This enables the user to create more visibility for their post and attract more readers. “Features like the SEO tool on our site are what set this site apart and really help the writer to get his message out to the world. This is the sole point of creating a blog in the first place,” comments VP of Sales Tyler Lubbers.

Along with Clench Media has a vast range of domestic and international sites in its network with millions of unique users daily in over 100 countries. Clench Media is focused on domestic and international lead generation and branding for all sizes of companies and have worked closely with several Fortune 500 companies to date. Utilizing web placements such as banners, pops, video commercials, as well as Co-Registration (aka: coreg, co-reg, coregistration) paths to deliver high volumes of leads and impressions targeting any demographic or geographic region. These co-registration paths give the advertiser the ability to only show their advertisement to registrants that fit their exact criteria which greatly increases the conversion rate on the leads.

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