Creative Biolabs Works with UEC for Commercial Phage Display Technology

Creative Biolabs works with UEC for a bioscience and technology program. During the time, Creative Biolabs offers custom phage display construction and screening services by signing a custom service contract for commercial pre-made library.

Shirley, NY, August 30, 2013 --( The program achievements were published in the Journal of Nucleic Acids titled “Practical Tips for Construction of Custom Peptide Libraries and Affinity Selection by Using Commercially Available Phage Display Cloning Systems.” (Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 295719, 9 pages,

Creative Biolabs is professional in construction of various phage display libraries, including cDNA libraries, peptide libraries and scFv/Fab antibody libraries.

Library types:
- Phage display peptide libraries;
- Phage display antibody libraries, including immunized antibody libraries, naïve antibody libraries and semi-synthetic/synthetic antibody libraries.
- cDNA phage display libraries

Construction vectors:
- New England BioLab's true phage vector, M13KE, for construction of peptide library;
- pIII fusion phagemid for construction of peptide library;
- Novagen's T7Select Phage Display vector for construction of cDNA library.
Diversity of synthetic libraries:
- "Hard randomization": complete diversity is introduced by using degenerate codons encoding all twenty natural amino acids
- "Tailored randomization": incomplete or biased diversity is introduced by using degenerate codons encoding a subset of natural amino acids
- Diversification: degenerate codons are synthesized using trimer phosphoramidites corresponding to 20 natural amino acids, which exclude stop codons.

Library types:
Large phage display libraries containing 107-10 variants

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