Car Collectors and the Wealthy Are Signing Up for These "Big Garage Real Estate" Auctions

Announcing two Big Garage Auctions happening in the next 12 days. One of the Big Garage Auctions is a house in Newport Beach with an 18 car garage and the other is a storied old Chevrolet Dealership in Pennsylvania with tons of garage space for a serious car collector and their hobby.

Car Collectors and the Wealthy Are Signing Up for These "Big Garage Real Estate" Auctions
Newport Beach, CA, September 16, 2013 --( Both auction companies for these two "Big Garage" real estate auctions selected as a main site to help them get the word out about these rare and fantastic auctions. Each auction offers the wealthy and serious car collector or automotive professional the kind of "big garage" space that isn't easy to duplicate in 2013. Such great locations are hard to find; Building codes are forbidding to get and difficult to navigate if you can get them; plus construction costs are higher than ever. That means that even a wealthy car collector should be jumping at the chance to bid on at least one of these fantastic Car Property auctions.

By now, with so many classic car auctions being broadcast on cable TV sports and specialty channels, it has become very clear to the general public how much car collectors love a big auction. With these two events, the promoters are certainly hoping to tap into that love of auctions and the desire to own a piece of real estate with a "big garage" or a Car Property. thinks that it's very likely that these two auctions will find buyers for these rare "big garage" pieces of real estate, but only time will tell for sure. What is sure is that the auctions are happening in the next two weeks with the Newport Beach, CA Residential Car Property happening on 09/20/2013 and the Jonestown, PA Commercial Car Property happening on 09/28/2013.

Newport Beach is a dream location for millions of people and if you're a car guy or girl, then a house like this that sports garage space for at least 18 cars, including 2 big RV garages (plus whatever else the house offers) has to be on your dream list as well. Built by the founder of Fleetwood Enterprises (think 46' long RV's), this 3.6 acre compound features a 15,000sf main house, a 7,600sf shop/office building with (3) RV roll-up doors, and two garage buildings with upstairs apartments for staff/guests. The auctioneers are Tranzon and the posting on provides more pictures and details that will help if you're a bidder candidate.

On the other hand, Jonestown, PA is hard core car collector country and Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of thousands of car collectors and some of the biggest racing and car collector events in the country every year. This fantastic vintage Chevrolet dealership building can provide so many different uses for car enthusiasts or automotive businesses, that it's only up to the limits of one's imagination as to the best way to use this "Big Garage" Car Property after you're the winning bidder. The auctioneers are Fortna Auctioneers and the posting on provides more details that will help if you're a bidder candidate.

The unique qualities that both of these pieces of real estate offer to car collectors, the wealthy and people who love big garage real estate, can't be overstated. When it comes to finding them and buying them these two "big garage" Car Properties are a great find.


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