Barcelona Festival of Song Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Created in 2005 for the purpose of promoting the Latin American & Iberian Vocal Repertoire,the centerpiece of the Barcelona Festival of SongĀ® is a Summer Course for singers, collaborative pianists, guitarists & musicologists focused on the History & Interpretation of the Latin American & Iberian Vocal Repertoire in Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan.

Barcelona, Spain, June 08, 2014 --( 10 Years

The Barcelona Festival of Song celebrates its tenth anniversary with a special program:

• 10 years of welcoming students and teachers from 18 countries. The Barcelona Festival of Song meets annually with students and teachers for a program of learning and music creation.

• 10 years of celebrating technological innovation. Barcelona Festival of Song is a pioneer festival in technological innovation for music education. Since 2012, classes and concerts are performed simultaneously between São Paulo, Brazil, and Barcelona, thanks to the infrustructure of Anella Cultural. This year's class will perform on July 4th at Arts Santa Monica and the concert entitled Songs Bridge, opens on July 5th at Santa Monica. Intercontinental music is possible thanks to Internet2.

• 10 years of doing tributes. The Barcelona Festival of Song honors Conxita Badia, the great Catalan soprano and one of the first interpreters of Spanish, Catalan, and Latin American repertoire.

• 10 years of commissioning the composition of new song cycles by American composers and famous Catalan. In its history, the Barcelona Festival of Song has commissioned the composition of 8 new cycles, and their concerts have premiered works by over 15 composers, including works by Frederic Mompou, Ernest Borras, Benet Casablancas, Miquel Ortega, Walfrido Dominguez, Edgar Valcárcel, Agustí Fernández, Moses Bertràn Jose Lezcano, and Jaime León.

• 10 years of partnering singing festivals. This year the Barcelona Festival of Song is partnered with Dein Lied Festival, a festival that comes to Rothenburg, Germany, inspired by the idea of ​​the festival of Barcelona. To celebrate this partnership with German Lied, the famous baritone, Christoph Von Weitzel, and pianist, Ulrich Pakusch, will present the concert.

• 10 years rewarding young composers. The composer of the Barcelona Festival of Song 2014 is a young and promising 20-year-old pianist and orchestral conducting student, Nicolas Gutierrez, born in the U.S. of Colombian parents. Gutierrez studies at Texas Christian University.

• Celebrating 10 years of the Barcelona Festival of Song by publishing a book and two exhibitions. A book explaining its history and two exhibitions: one at Espai Zero Library of Catalonia, titled Musicians Catalanes in America and the Barcelona Festival of Song, and the other exhibition by illustrator Bea Simon is dedicated to Victor Jara and his song, "I Remember You Amanda," which is central to the new Latin American song movement.

• 10 years doing gigs to promote the operatic repertoire of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

The Barcelona Festival of Song concert celebrates 10 years.

• 10 years doing gigs. This year the Barcelona Festival of Song will be 9 concerts of Iberian and Latin American music, not limited to concert song, but made up of the repertoire for piano (Granados), voice and guitar, flamenco and, of course, voice and piano.

• The inaugural concert will take place on June 26th at Arts Santa Monica. The soprano, Patricia Caicedo, and pianist, Nikos Stavlas, will be touring Latin America with works in Catalan, Castilian, Portuguese, Quechua and Nahuatl, a journey in poetry and Ibero American sensibility. During this concert, the priemer song cycle that was commissioned for the 2014 festival and written by the composer, Nicolás Gutierrez, will be released. The concert of the festival will be broadcast streaming on the web and will be screened live at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in Brazil, the largest and most important cultural center in Latin America.

• The Brazilian tenor, Lenine Santos, an expert in repertoire, will present the Brazilian music concert, a program with songs ranging from the late nineteenth century to the present.

• The Catalan pianist based in Sydney, Carolina Estrada, will present a program dedicated to the piano of Granados and Falla Institute for North American Studies.

• Estefanía Perdomo, soprano, and Jose Maria Curbelo, will present the program Entre Cataluña y Canarias with works by composers of the two regions, emphasizing the repertoire of composers like Carlota Garriga, Lourdes Suarez and the release of some unpublished songs by Alicia de Larrocha.

• Susana Crespo Held, soprano and guitarist, and Jaume Torrent Catalan, composer, will present a program dedicated to the repertoire of voice and guitar. In the song cycle, Pera una sola veu, from Jaume Torrent’s Carles Riba poems stands out.

• Flamenco concert played by two well-known figures in today's flamenco music: Singer, Alba Guerrero, and guitarist, Alberto Fernández.

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