Meet Citrio: New Fast and Lightweight Browser

Catalina Group Ltd released a new Citrio browser that boasts high speed, faster downloads and secure browsing.

San Francisco, CA, July 22, 2014 --( Catalina Group presents its brand-new product: Citrio browser. Built on Chromium, Citrio embodies all the best features of Chrome family browsers. It is safe, secure and all-knowing. Moreover, Citrio has a range of its own unique features that make it an all-in-one universal browser. Among them - an inbuilt download manager, powerful torrent client, video grabber and much more.

Citrio is based on Chromium open source web browser project. It means that Citrio has derived all basic functionality and interface from Chrome. For example the tabs system, address bar search, add-ons, etc. Using it will be easy for anyone who knows how to use a browser in general. Citrio’s fresh looks and crispy interface only improve the overall browsing experience.

Experienced web surfers will appreciate a wide range of additional features that make Citrio a really universal tool for a comprehensive work with Internet. Citrio download manager helps to get full control of downloads. Citrio allows to pause downloads, resume them later, save what has been downloaded before a sudden blackout or Internet connection lost. Citrio keeps all downloads in one place sorted by date. Citrio’s download accelerator speeds up the downloads and makes the whole process go fast and smooth.

Those who download a lot from Internet will appreciate an inbuilt torrent manager. It allows users to download torrents in a snap without any additional software. Instead of downloading a separate torrent client to work with torrents users can just click a torrent or magnet link they need and the download process will start immediately right inside Citrio browser window. All torrent downloads can be found within Citrio’s download manager window.

Everyone is sure to appreciate Citrio’s video grabber. It is an inbuilt Citrio’s feature (just like anything else) that allows users to download videos from all of the most popular video websites. The process is simple: go to the video website, find the video and click a small yellow download button which is sure to appear in Citrio’s address bar. The download will start immediately. Video downloads can be managed as easily as all other downloads within Citrio’s download manager.

Another Citrio’s outstanding feature is a powerful proxy manager. Citrio’s proxy manager allows you to mask your real IP address and replace it with an address of your choice. It means you can access the websites regardless any geographical restrictions, hide your real IP address if there is such a need and basically provides anonymity online.

About Citrio

Citrio is a new generation browser for Windows and Mac. Initially released in 2013 Citrio continues to get popularity among users due to its broad functionality and effectiveness. Based on Chromium open source project, Citrio browser has all basic functionality of Chrome platform complemented by a wide range of inbuilt add-ons: download manager, proxy manager, torrent manager etc. Citrio’s built-in malware and phishing protection provide complete security and safety of use.
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Bruna Spinelli