TrendCuesNew Online Survey Application Goes Live for Users Round the Globe

Rolling Out Survey Application- Trendcues, an online survey application that has been recently launched as no investment at all is needed to access the application having multiple survey publishing modes.

Naples, FL, December 12, 2014 --( Trendcues New Online Survey and Data Gathering Application Goes Live for Users Round the Globe.

Ridgeline Analytix, Inc. has formally launched Trendcues, an on-line survey and mobile data collection application, which allows users to create, edit, publish and analyze customized surveys. This powerful new application can be found at the URL. The application design integrates many rich functional capabilities under a friendly and intuitive user interface. Trendcues also allows users to download an innovative iPad app, Mobile MattersTM, that cleverly incorporates the additional multimedia capture capability of mobile devices into the on-line survey environment. The richness of its capabilities and ease-of-use interface allows to be easily and quickly adopted by a wide range of users.

The idea of developing Trendcues as an integrated online survey and mobile data acquisition application grew out of a recognized need for an integrated platform that could deliver world-class survey technology to an increasingly mobile world. On the occasion of Trendcues launch, Scott Smith, Trendcues founder and president said: “We heard from a variety of potential customers of their need for a rich mobile survey and data acquisition platform with an easy-to-learn-and-use interface.”

Trendcues has been developed with the primary objective of providing users with a comprehensive, easy to use platform for on-line and mobile survey, data gathering and analysis. Trendcues surveys can be easily customized using a wide range of pre-designed themes. User can even further customize their survey by incorporating their logo and preferred fonts, images, videos, and color palettes. Two unique features, Customer Engagement and Creative Ads, allow customers to customize several email responses to users bases on conditional answers to survey questions or to include advertisements about their company’s products.

Trendcues’ unique Mobile MattersTM iPad app will download multiple surveys created with on the Trendcues platform. These mobile surveys can be taken with or without internet connections. Mobile survey data collected when the iPad is off-line will be synced to a backend database server containing other respondent’s input when an internet connection is restored. Mobile MattersTM mobile can also be configured to run in an unattended kiosk mode. Knowing the iPad may not collect survey data on a regular interval when in unattended mode, Trendcues engineers and programmers developed an innovative Digital Billboard and Video feature that allows creative advertisements and videos to be integrated into iPad application along with mobile surveys. Users can easily switch between surveys, advertisements and company videos. Links can be added to the Digital Billboard section to branch to additional URL sites.

The unique user interface was developed with extensive user feedback. It’s rich functionality and intuitive interface allow Trendcues to be used by a wide range of users: from unskilled consumers or small businesses seeking limited survey feedback to highly trained university or enterprise company researchers with demanding data analysis requirements. User can gather input or feedback on any audience, demographic, or geo-locational group.

Trendcues provides users with multiple paths to distribute the survey to their respondents, such as email, web link, social media and the iPad. Survey responses are automatically collected, encrypted, and stored in the backend database. The Report capabilities of Trendcues provides users with a wide range of reporting, graphing, and analytical tools to view, sort, filter, download and distribute the responses. The Mobile MattersTM iPad app allows users to download survey responses to be downloaded and displayed on the iPad.

Trendcues is a truly a world-class platform for online and mobile surveys, data collection, and analysis. It is rich in function, easy to use and will increase in functionality over time.
Scott Smith