How to Find the Dream Job That's Right for You

Coach to the stars Thom McFadden shares ideas on finding your dream job

Hollywood, CA, November 30, 2007 --( Lifestand Inc’s CEO Thom McFadden announced today the availability of his new book in the Acting FOR REAL series, dedicated to helping both job seekers land their dream job, and career professionals advance in their chosen careers. ( “Our mission,” McFadden explained, “is to create life changing strategies that help people apply the power of positive thinking through positive behavior, using strategies and techniques that I have taught celebrities to develop characters for the stage and screen.”

Thom McFadden is an actor, creative consultant and author of the new book called “Acting FOR REAL” that teaches people how to act more effectively in the roles they play in life. McFadden has guest starred in over one hundred television shows and many movies. As a creative consultant, he coaches celebrities, company executives, and “average Joes” seeking to make positive changes in their life.

McFadden wrote the book for career professionals looking to advance, first time job seekers, and employees who have lost their jobs because of the downturn in the economy and the real estate market. “Many of these people need to regain confidence in their own abilities and need techniques to get re-employed quickly. It’s all about applying the power of positive thinking and turning it into positive behavior,” McFadden added.

McFadden’s strategies are based on the idea that each person plays many different roles over the course of a lifetime, such as parent, spouse, child, business person, doctor, lawyer, etc. “We all play different roles in life”, McFadden said. “How well we present ourselves determines the outcomes. The same is true for job seekers.”

“We are all on an economic journey. Life is work and play - I define work as an activity with purpose - and that’s why it is important for people to have jobs. You can’t drive yourself to success. You have to be driven by an emotion and that emotional chauffeur is powered by understanding what you need in your life.”

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