Gatekeeper Systems® Announces GNet™ Online Dashboard

Monitor your shopping cart containment and loss prevention solutions any time, from anywhere.

Irvine, CA, January 24, 2015 --( Gatekeeper Systems, The Leading Provider of Intelligent Cart Solutions announces the release of GNet™ online dashboard designed to monitor Gatekeeper’s CartControl® shopping cart containment and purchek® loss prevention solutions any time, from anywhere. The GNet dashboard gives retailers greater access and ability to manage and monitor their cart containment and loss prevention solutions.

The growing need for retail loss prevention solutions, specifically the impact of cart loss, is evidenced in the information from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) which reveals that over one million shopping carts are stolen from retailers in the U.S. alone on an annual basis. An average shopping cart costs retailers anywhere from $75 to $200 per cart, making each loss a significant cost to retailers. GNet online dashboard paired with Gatekeeper’s high-tech locking SmartWheel® 2.0QS wheel solution further enhances the capabilities offered from Gatekeeper Systems’ cart containment and loss prevention solutions. GNet’s easy to use dashboard format offers a revolutionary way to monitor a retailer’s cart fleet. It allows users to check their fleet status efficiently from various platforms which include desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Retailers can also create customized alerts and reporting capabilities to make viewing and managing their cart fleet’s status and health easier, and more innovative than ever before.

Whether at a corporate level overseeing multiple stores or at a store manager level overseeing just one store, anyone can use the GNet online dashboard to access both current and historical data about their cart fleet. The application is customized so that specific visibility is determined by the retailer’s specific credentials including those from a corporate, divisional, brand, or store level. GNet’s online dashboard also has custom alert options to notify retailers, Gatekeeper, or both if there are system failures. The notifications can cover a wide array of system issues including line cuts, tampering, and power interruptions or outages. GNet online dashboard gives retailers the ability to have continuous coverage ensuring urgent issues are handled with immediacy, thus allowing them more time to spend on the essential needs of their store and customers.

As theft and cart loss continue on a steady upward trajectory, Gatekeeper Systems challenges retailers to take back control with a comprehensive solution that cuts store costs while simultaneously relieving the burden of managing a system.

About Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper Systems is the global market leader for shopping cart containment solutions, helping protect over 2 million carts worldwide. Its loss prevention and cart containment solutions utilize radio frequencies (RF) and locking wheel technology to reduce shrinkage by putting an end to shopping cart cased shoplifting, and shopping cart loss. Gatekeeper has eight international office locations with system installations located at single store locations all the way to multinational retail chains across the globe.
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