ZON™ Brings Solar Powered Mobile Device Charging & Shade to Golf Digest’s Think Young Play Hard Invitational

Las Vegas, NV, April 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- ZON’s patented Powersol™ will be charging up golfers and spectators mobile devices under a shady umbrella at the Golf Digest Think Young Play Hard Invitational, April 16th-19th 2015. The solar powered umbrellas will provide a much needed haven from the sun while also providing a convenient way to charge mobile devices, as fast as a wall outlet, throughout the tournament.

“Golf Digest is thrilled to work with ZON with its brilliant use of clean energy; using the power of the sun to charge mobile devices,” says Associate Director of Integrated Marketing, Sam Berg.

This collaboration between ZON and Golf Digest will continue to highlight the convenience and comfort that ZON’s Powersol brings to spectators and participates alike.

About ZON
Founded in 2012 by Sarah and Robert Akin and Cameron Welborn-Wilson, ZON is an innovative, solar product company committed to meeting the charging needs of today's tech-savvy consumer.

ZON's Patented Powersol is a solar powered umbrella that feeds into a smart charging battery hub that can charge 3 USB mobile devices, day or night, as fast as a wall outlet. ZON solves consumers' mobile device charging dilemmas by using the most powerful and clean resource in the world. The sun.
Emily Paffhausen