EverythingJax.com Sharing 50% of Its Google Adsense Revenue Sharing with All Writers

Writers now earn 50% of all revenue generated by writing articles on EverythingJax.com

Jacksonville, FL, November 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- EverythingJax.com, a local social media project for the the greater Jacksonville, Florida area has created a unique opportunity for both the professional freelance writer and the novice journalist to use their writings on local events and issues affecting the residents and visitors of the greater Jacksonville area to earn money directly from Google itself.

"Everyone has something to contribute," says Laban Johnson, EverythingJax.com Editor-in-Chief. "...Be it a good or bad experience at a local restaurant, a play by play review of a local sporting event, you can even use the site as a sounding board for new ideas, soliciting comments from readers, similarly to how a blog works, but better." Each EverythingJax.com writer benefits from the revenue created by visitors clicking on Google Adsense Ads.

"If you have an opinion," Johnson continues, "it's worth something here. You don't have to be a professional writer to be a valued contributor to EverythingJax." Professional writers are welcome to contribute, but literally anyone with an opinion about anything in Jacksonville, Florida now has the potential to turn their opinion into earnings and be paid not just once, but each month, by Google Adsense. "Even the weekend writer can instantly plug in to a residual income stream."

Google Adsense Revenue sharing is a win/win/win solution for EverythingJax, writers and visitors. It is a win for the writers, who will earn revenue directly from Google for contributing to EverythingJax, a win for the website, and especially a win for EverythingJax.com visitors, both local web surfers, travelers and future residents who may be Googling Jacksonville for the first time and are really looking for the inside scoop.

All EverythingJax.com content - from articles, its events calendar, and classifieds all are written with a local perspective, which makes all the difference.

"People want to know whats going on with the Florida Gators and we're building a section dedicated to the Gators. The same applies for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jacksonville Suns, the Barracudas, and we even want to cover amateur league and high school sports, eventually."

The free Jacksonville Classifieds are also gaining popularity, and visitors enjoy the links and news feeds from all the local news outlets in one place, as well as the Jacksonville Events Calendar. "This is a website for literally everything Jacksonville-related!"


Ylayn Ousley, Spokesperson
The Laban Johnson Group
group [@] labanjohnson.com
The Laban Johnson Group
Ylayn Ousley