Unique Affordable Hydrogen Production Technology on the Horizon

Thomas Institute for Technology Research invention technique for hydrogen extraction from seawater is the World's First and Only Operational System having hundreds of potential applications.

Pocomoke City, MD, March 23, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Present hydrogen technology requires trained specialist, catalyst, electrolysis, hydrocarbon feedstock, chemicals, metals, steam, desalination, fresh water, permanent production location, production of toxic waste materials, large energy inputs, and does very little to benefit the environment.

Seawater is a free feedstock material unregulated, taxed or controlled by any State or Country. Ongoing R&D experiments and data collection will allow fine tuning of the prototype for highest quality method for production of hydrogen gas from seawater.

The expectation of making basic discoveries that can solve oceans chemistry problems while improving conditions of all aquatic life environments and protecting the the environment will be one of the major goals.

Prototype specification:

A 190 day continuous operation has been reached using a 3 watt .5 amp PEM fuel cell without failure disruption in the prototype equipment and the continuous production of hydrogen. In the following month's a 1 Kilowatt fuel cell will be tested with further higher power fuels cells tested as they come on the market.

Water feed stock is re-supplied every 5 years using 2 gallon holding tank. It is possible to couple technology to solar and wind source to supply the 200 watts to run system. (Prototype only).

Total cost to build prototype is $ 649 to continuously producing 24 x 7 1 liter of hydrogen every 9 seconds at 2 Bar = 29 psi. The alpha prototype is currently mounted on a 6 ft. foldable table that is portable.

TITR is hopeful an Alpha production model will be introduced for sale in 2017 according to management.
Thomas Institute for Technology Research
Michael Thomas