Duke and UNC Students Expand Rivalry

Duke and UNC students have decided to take their rivalry online. After a dispute amongst students high up in both schools’ student governments and organizations, several students decided to truly find out which school had the most support from local businesses. From this, BattleoftheBlues.com was born.

Durham, NC, March 02, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The basic premise is simple: Each school's students will attempt to get their local businesses and organizations to buy pixels on the site to advertise for themselves and to cover the page in either Duke blue or Carolina blue. Sound familiar? This concept comes from the famous British site, "The Million Dollar Webpage.” Because there are a limited amount of pixels, one school will eventually have to win. While Duke students claim that they have high-income sponsors waiting in the wings, Carolina students argue that they have much more support in the state. One thing is certain - advertisers will be the ones to benefit from this new age rivalry. With a great deal of supporters from each side following this webpage closely, local businesses are poised to profit from the passionate fans on both sides. What is not known, however, is how businesses will fare amongst fans of the school that they do not choose to support.

This new rivalry hopes to add a new chapter to the storied Duke-UNC rivalry that captures the attention of the Triangle area and the nation alike. Students from both sides wait expectantly not only for the game this Saturday, but also to see how well businesses from their area will respond when it comes time to put money where their mouths are.

BattleoftheBlues.com is a company started and owned by students at the respective schools. A large portion of the profits will be donated to the North Carolina Food Bank in order to provide food for those less privileged than ourselves.

Ajay Kori