Russian Cash Back Service Megabonus Adds More Global Offers launched its products in English, Spanish and Portuguese and increased the number of shops shipping worldwide.

Saint Peterburg, Russia, October 26, 2018 --( St. Petersburg-based cashback service is increasing its international offers. This summer the products of the project were translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese. More online shopping sites with international shipping were added to Megabonus partner shops' list.

Among the stores are eBay, Booking, AliExpress, Banggood, SHEIN, ASOS, iHerb, as well as hundreds of others. The total number of Megabonus partner shops is 1500, new ones are added weekly. The cashback rate in most of the shops is the biggest possible. Thus, on Booking it is up to 3,48%, while the world-famous eBates offers only 2% cash back for this service.

“We created a modern service allowing 2 millions of our users to save on online shopping. With Megabonus citizens of any country or territory can make their shopping up to 40% more economical. Now we are taking steps that would let a user from any country get the most valuable set of options for economical online shopping,” explained Megabonus CEO and Founder Anton Sukharev.

Megabonus offers cashback on online purchases in 1500+ online shops. The cashback rate can vary from a set sum to 40% of the purchase cost and more. The service has a 7-step Loyalty Program all users are liable to. The core idea of the Program – your cashback rate increase in accordance with the increase of the sum transferred to your account as cashback.

The levels of the Loyalty Program are the Newbie, the Mathematician, the Merchant, the Economist, the Shopaholic, the Treasurer. The top level is the Master of Coin. You need to save $2,584 to reach it. Once promoted to the level, your cashback is increased by 50% as compared to the initial rate. Ascending is easier at lower levels of the Program though. Thus, you need to save $1 to be promoted to level 2, $5 to level 4 and $21 to level 5, which gives you +31% to cashback.

Megabonus was initially created as a cashback service for AliExpress only, which was at the time reflected in its name – AliBonus. For 2 years AliExpress remained the only platform the project targeted for. It allowed the team to create a sophisticated set of AliExpress tools and solutions.

What Megabonus offers AliExpress customers:
- From 2,41% to 4,91% cash back for purchases from AliExpress.
- Sale Alert tool allowing to buy goods on AliExpress at the lowest price.
- Parcel tracking in the extension and mobile apps.
- Seller Check. The block is displayed on the product page once Megabonus extension is installed. The algorithm analyzes shops by 6 parameters and shows the info on each of them, as well as the overall reliability percentage.
- Cashback sum display on the product page and in categories.

Thanks to these features, Megabonus enjoys a wide flow of Aliexpress retail buyers from all over the world, as well as partnerships with small wholesale companies.

Megabonus also helps to earn or even start a business. The referral program Invite a Friend allows Megabonus users to invite their friends to join Megabonus and get a reward equal to 50% of the cashback sum of the invited people. One more way of getting extra cash back is sharing referral links to the goods from Megabonus partner shops. You can also contact the team and get a license for your own cashback service. This project bears the name Megabonus White Label.
Maryna Berkyrtava