Ecosmob Announce Inmate Communication Solution to Improve Prison Services

Ecosmob inmate communication solution improves services and address gaps while also helping to provide better security and inmate satisfaction in prisons.

Arlington, TX, December 29, 2018 --( Ecosmob, a global leader in open source VoIP developments, announced launch of communication solutions for prisons. The company enjoys an unparalleled reputation for superior AI imbued multi-tenant IPPBX, conferencing, WebRTC and contact center solutions. Its communication system for prisons draw on features of all these and prove to be reliable, highly secure and affordable for both prison management and for inmates.

Announcing the launch, the company’s VP said, “Ecosmob inmate communication solution addresses all aspects required in this environment and it is a fine blend of technologies used in multi-tenant IPPBX, conferencing and contact center software in addition to AI and mobile technologies.” He went on to elaborate features of the prison inmate telephone solution currently on offer.

Ecosmob inmate telephony is customized and designed to be broadbased with an architecture that enables integration to various control systems, accounting and even forensics and banking. The multi-tenant feature allows a prison operator managing several correctional facilities to enjoy a single solution with centralized controls in place with capabilities to record and account for each call in addition to barge in or listen in on calls.

Analytics are robust and AI powered to help administrators and law officers identify three way calls and also any suspicious activity or codes inmates may use. Further, mobile devices may be provisioned to have limited functionality and strict access permissions but video chats and conferences may be permitted.

WebRTC may be incorporated depending on the prison management’s choice, as a way to observe prisoners while they converse with prison personnel or to allow inmates a better video chat facility. Relatives and friends of inmates can gain information about the status of the family member who is incarcerated through a single number. An IVR may be included in the inmate communication solution to provide a measure of self service. Ecosmob offers the facility of a centralized database in secure data centers with call detail records and call recordings as part of its offering.

Ecosmob’s approach, said the VP, is to offer highly secure, advanced communications systems at an affordable price to reduce burden on inmates who have to pay for calls and, at the same time, monetize operations of facility operators and help them get payback on investments in inmate telephony.

Asked as to why correction facility operators should choose Ecosmob over several well established companies in this segment, the VP clarified that Ecosmob is known for expertise in security and communications on the open source platform and it offers extreme flexibility in customization, excellent support as well as the best prices for its scalable inmate solutions for such facilities.

Interested correctional facility operators may get in touch with Ecosmob at 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139, email or live chat on
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Jullie Potter