Green Log Home Identifies Affordable Products That Enable Eco-Friendly, Self-Sustainable Living

Green Log Home Inc. educates consumers by empowering them with non-biased information that demonstrates how to significantly reduce energy bills, promote well-being in the home and reduce global warming.

New York, NY, April 02, 2008 --( A NYC couple, Fred and Natasha Ruckel, are attempting to build the ultimate eco-friendly log home for the median cost of an average family home in New York State. Once complete the home will be self-sustainable, cost very little to run, and will possess a negligible carbon footprint.

Through their experiences, the couple aims to expose which green technologies and products are affordable to consumers using ‘real world’ budgets. Consumers are bombarded with many 'green-washing' campaigns, and catchy 'green' advertisements. The Ruckels aim to empower people, by providing them with enough information to differentiate the facts from ‘green-fiction.’

The Ruckels created an informational website six months ago: so that other people may learn how to: find, purchase and build on the most appropriate parcel of land; deal with Realtors, surveyors, engineers, contractors and manufacturers; learn about making sustainable choices, and last, but not least, discover how to make the home a safer place to live in.

The Ruckels have also begun the process of shooting a thirteen part television series, about how to become green. Another of their long-term goals is to create a set of workbooks for schools and other projects, which can be used to teach children about the effects of global warming.

“We have invested a lot of time into researching the advancements of green technologies,” says Fred Ruckel, “and also about the importance of increased energy savings, maximizing heat efficiency and renewable materials. We have talked to many different organizations; one log home company even offered to give us our green log home for free, we had to decline, they just didn't stand up to our green criteria.”

Natasha Ruckel added, “Building a green home isn't just about using renewable and eco-friendly construction materials; it's also about creating a safe environment inside the home. It is amazing how many household products can contribute to poor indoor air quality.”

Once complete, the Ruckels hope to set the standard by which the construction of green log homes will be measured in the future. Using guidelines set in place by the Green Building, the Ruckel home is aiming for Platinum LEED® status. Once complete the Green Log Home will be one of the most efficient LEED® registered log homes in the USA.

For more information, contact:
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About Green Log Home Inc.:
Natasha and Fred Ruckel are the creators of the original: Green Log Home – Changing the way we live™. Their aim is to educate others about the best ways of making small changes to their current lifestyles, eventually leading to greater cost savings, a self-sustained existence and a healthier home. Green Log Home Inc. was created in response to the growing number of confusing and misleading 'Green-washing' campaigns, and catchy 'Green-advertisements’ targeted at consumers.

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