Environmental NGO Norvergence LLC is All Set to Release Cost-Effective Jute Bags in the US

Norvergence LLC will soon provide cost-effective jute bags in the United States Market.

Guttenberg, NJ, November 21, 2019 --(PR.com)-- George Stacey, an environmentalist/author/CEO of the U.S-based environmental NGO Norvergence LLC has recently announced the production of cost-effective jute bags by the organization.

While having a conversation with media, he said: “Let’s stop talking problems and start talking solutions.”

“Sustainable development is an important issue and people can play an integral role in it regardless of their position. When everyone at their home starts using jute bags, the change will come automatically."

Norvergence LLC will release the first batch of jute bags by the end of August 2020.”

The prices are not confirmed yet but one thing is sure that it will be a win-win situation for everyone (retailers, customers, environment, and for the NGO itself).
During the research phase, 50 pieces of jute bags were given to consumers in Guttenberg for testing. After a couple of weeks, the feedback was collected by questionnaires and in addition, interviews were carried out too.

The aim is to figure out the different aspects of the environment w.r.t sustainable development. The data Norvergence collected helped in:

Sustainable Environment vs. Global Warming

The Situation of the Jute sector in Guttenberg and the US too

The different patterns of Business Behavior

Overall, the results depict that 100 percent of people agreed that jute is a more environmentally friendly material than plastic. On the other hand, it also comes out that concentrating on the marketing of the product and providing more information about it to consumers will benefit more.

George Stacey also stated that the NGO will soon engage in the production of a wide range of jute products like jute balls, jute ropes, jute coils, jute twine, jute yarn, jute webbing, hessian cloth, etc.

About Us:
Norvergence LLC is an environmental organization, working to provide solutions under the categories of climate change, health, and wildlife & habitat. It also works with other organizations, governments, communities, and businesses to create incentives for positive actions in favor of the environment.

Considering the hazardous nature of plastic, Norvergence LLC is now step-in the production of jute bags to provide a cost-effective replacement to society.

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