RoadGoat Launches Cities API to Give Apps Access to Pivotal Location Content

RoadGoat’s latest release acts as a one stop shop for context about destinations, including high-quality photos, “known for” tags, safety and budget ratings, Covid risk, editorial content and more.

New York, NY, February 20, 2021 --( RoadGoat, the beloved travel planning site, is excited to announce the release of a suite of data products that syncs web and mobile products with inspiring context about towns, cities, neighborhoods, regions, and countries.

“A place is so much more than a name,” said Kurosh Hashemi, CEO of RoadGoat. “Just like people, places are unique in appearance and personality. We are here to help apps and websites convey that sense of place. What we are doing to contextualize localities and regions is akin to what APIs for Google Places, Foursquare, and Yelp have done with restaurants and venues.”

Other businesses can now access and utilize RoadGoat’s clean, hierarchical data on millions of locations. This provides basic content such as hand-picked photos and geodata plus abstract details including budget and safety indicators, user ratings, and "known for" tags such as "foodie" and "LGBT-friendly" - all highly accurate and available through the Cities API.

“We know that the future of tech is mobile and location-centric. That’s why we introduced the Cities API,” said Hashemi. Whether a developer is building products for social media, in-vehicle guidance, weather, transportation, or virtually anything else, our API equips their sites with richer context about places that will engage users on a deeper level, increasing their consumer base. “Our customers are very excited about how this transforms their products. For example, hotel booking sites can now share more about the areas surrounding each hotel so potential customers feel more confident in their selection, and as a result are more likely to book directly on the site.”

About RoadGoat

RoadGoat connects people with great destinations. Using data science, RoadGoat picks the perfect places for travelers according to their preferences, providing insight on foodie culture, LGBTQ friendliness, Covid risk, and so much more. Its vibrant community shares insights on over 4 million travel destinations, and users spend more time on RoadGoat than 9 out of the top 10 travel websites. The company was founded in 2018 and has established partnerships with SAP Concur solutions, Kayak, FitBit, and a number of other global partners.

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