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Patrick Argiro, aka Cousin Pat, is a former stand-up comedian from New York who was at one time, homeless, and is now a therapist with a podcast, called, "The Cousin Pat Therapy Show," and YouTube channel "Cousin Pat Therapy," where he interviews UFC Fighters, Bellator Fighters, former NFL players and various other successful people within the premise of mental health.

Cousin Pat Introduction of
Tampa, FL, August 16, 2021 --(

Patrick Argiro, aka Cousin Pat, was born May 19, 1975. Already having an older cousin named Patrick, family members and friends began calling him Cousin Pat as to not be confused when calling his name.

After a nasty divorce that left Patrick broken, he wound up at a mental hospital, called, Carrier clinic, in New Jersey. Patrick then met his ex-girlfriend in the clinic, and once outside the abuse began.

With a lack of education, Patrick was homeless for 3 years and lived at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter in St. Petersburg, Florida, and also at a Veterans Shelter in Clearwater, Florida, called HEP or Homeless Emergency Project.

He also had to file for bankruptcy. Patrick did finish all his coursework for a Bachelor's degree while he was homeless.

After a car accident in which the other driver was texting and driving, Patrick had to undergo 2 back surgeries and one neck surgery and lives in constant chronic pain.

This led to a pill problem where after speaking to a drug counselor and attending an NA meeting, Patrick felt he could handle it and he was able to maintain control over his life and dealing with the pills and pain.

Patrick began to truly evaluate his life after falling in love with a second abusive woman and wondering why his choices were leading him down a certain path. He began studying mental health, going to church and looking for answers anywhere he could.

On November 18, 2021, Patrick's father Nicholas Argiro died of COVID-19 which led Patrick down the path of learning about grief and trauma. Patrick has clearly had his issues with mental health, grief, PTSD, trauma, depression and anxiety.

Patrick then became a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS), is an Ordained Clergy, has received his Masters in Theology in Christian Counseling and is currently working on his PhD in Christian Counseling, as well as becoming a Licensed Counselor.

He wanted to learn about other people's lives and their journey, so he started "The Cousin Pat Therapy Show" under the YouTube Channel, "Cousin Pat Therapy "and recently began a podcast, called, "The Cousin Pat Therapy Show," where he has interviewed real estate moguls; UFC Fighters, including Eryk Anders, Mike Rodriguez, Vinc Pichel, Adrian Yanez, Mike Davis, Yorgan Decastro and Juan Adams; Bellator Fighters; former NFL players; and various other successful people within the premise of mental health.

He was featured on SiriusXM on "The Lisa Show" where he discussed his personal story as well as how people can cope with grief and trauma during this COVID crisis.

Patrick is also starting a newsletter where he sends positive messages and life lessons to subscribers. He also leaves promo pics as well as messages of inspiration on his Twitter page, @cousinpatherapy (with one "t"), and his Instagram page, @realcousinpat.
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