Flag Media Announces Acceptance of Shibu Inu Tokens

Frisco, TX, November 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- In an effort to be among the most progressive and forward-thinking companies in the space, Flag Media, PR Daily Wire, and The Red Flag Image Company will immediately begin accepting Shibu Inu [$SHIB.x] tokens for payments for services including article/feature story placements, marketing, some PR work, advertising, and press releases submitted through PR Daily Wire.

"While this token stated as a fun, meme token, the SHIB community coupled with the ease-of-use and fluid market make this a no-brainer for us," said Mike Magolnick, Founder and CEO.

The Red Flag Image Company is a referral-only business so people interested in doing work with the company need to reach out through the website getredflag.com and inquire about being added to the client roster.

Flag Media owns 20 digital publications plus PR Daily Wire - CEO Extra, SV Futurist, Tech News NY, Empire Stories, LA Music News, Futurist Journal, Venture Current, Hollywood Peek, Pro Sport Times, Health Sun Times, New Miami Times, Pro News Journal, US Sports Journal, Star Media Journal, Executive Chronicle, New Source Journal, Chief Executive Daily, Global Business Daily, Entrepreneur Almanac, and Dallas Executive News – all dot.com domains. Across the 20 publications we curate approximately 80 different Google news feeds.

In addition to curating Google news, we allow clients to submit feature stories and articles to be published in our publications. We charge per placement (1 article in 1 publication = 1 placement). These articles are displayed in the news feed according to the timing of the placement and virtually live forever in the respective publication(s). Clients are then given the direct links to the feature articles and can promote the article placements across their social media and website(s). Many clients use the opportunity to promote that they have been “featured in” the publication, promoting third party credibility and authority for the client article.
The Red Flag Image Company
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