Energy Industry Team to Launch Crypto Mining Fund

Long-time Energy Industry Executives Launch HashWorks, cryptocurrency mining strategy.

Energy Industry Team to Launch Crypto Mining Fund
Sheridan, WY, February 08, 2022 --( Several energy industry veterans have joined forces with experienced bitcoin mining operators and a robust executive team to launch HashWorks Digital Industries (“HDI”) and HashWorks Digital Partners (“HDP”) to solve a problem: providing investors an opportunity to directly participate in the revenue stream from mining Cryptocurrencies.

HashWorks founders Todd Esse (ex-Southport Energy, Sasco Energy, Sempra/AIG), Rene Ramirez (Torofino/Osofino, Fortis, Cinergy), and Henri deLaunay (ex- Torrent Oil, Hilcorp) bring over seventy years of combined experience in identifying, managing, owning, and operating physical energy and electricity assets in the United States. Along with an experienced CTO (ex-General Dynamics) and COO (ex-Harbour Square, Sasco Energy).

According to Esse, “HashWorks is a cryptocurrency mining enterprise established to build a leading platform where the consumption of natural resources intersects emerging technologies demands for access to stable and green sources of electricity. HashWorks views the mining of cryptocurrency as a ‘Monetary Battery’ where the value of consumed natural resources can be stored as a currency and used at a future time. Ownership of mining capacity, access to stable electricity supply, and capable hosting abilities turn a mining operation into a ‘Bitcoin Commodity Bank’ with a potential forward revenue stream that can be both tokenized and traded.”

With 75 megawatts of electric capacity in advanced stages of development, Esse believes there will be institutional and family office demand for exposure to the arbitrage that exists today between the value of Bitcoin and the cost of production.

“To date, the opportunity doesn’t exist for investors to directly invest in crypto mining capacity at scale through fund platforms which allow an audit and oversight component, contrary to the equity offerings available in the market today,” says Ramirez. “Why should eligible investors only have the option to buy shares of public companies that are mining? Those entities trade at multiples and volatility many times that of their underlying assets.”

HashWorks is working with legal counsel and service providers to launch a private investment fund vehicle for LP interests. The team is exploring the possibility of tokenization of the revenue streams generated through mining with digital asset industry pioneers, and are in advanced discussions with a top-tier investment bank about financing it’s first electricity-generating asset purchase for colocation of
bitcoin mining.

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