Baby Boomer Site Booms provides an opportunity for the 40+ crowd to experience the fun and excitement that has made sites like Facebook and MySpace so popular. Unlike other social networking sites, which cater to a younger audience, NotOverTheHill provides a unique environment where mature adults can share photos, music interests, videos, and blogs. Membership is free.

Grand Rapids, MI, June 26, 2008 --( Since NotOverTheHill started operations on April 1, 2008, it has become a hit with baby boomers and now is the fastest growing social network for the 40 and over crowd.

Many other companies have tried and failed to reach baby boomers with social networking sites. What makes different? Owners Darcy Woodard and Thomas Smith say it's because NotOverTheHill is extremely easy for those who are not computer savvy to use. Plus, they point out, help is just a click away. "There are many friendly members who are dedicated to helping new users find their way around" Darcy Woodard explained. provides an opportunity for the 40 and over crowd to experience the fun and excitement that has made sites like Facebook and MySpace so popular. But, unlike those sites, which cater almost exclusively to a much younger audience, NotOverTheHill provides mature, safe, family-friendly environment. provides a Web destination where those 40 and over feel at home. A place on the Web where they can share photos, music, videos, blogs and meet people from all over the world. Each member can design their own web page using templates and themes, which makes it very easy for those with no previous experience creating Web pages.

Members can also start their own interest groups and invite other members who share the same interests to join. There are also several forums and a chat room on the site where members can interact as well as get help from other members.'s family-oriented content is created entirely by its members.

The site owners explain the concept of NotOverTheHill this way: "We felt that many people in the so-called "baby boomer" generation were missing out on a lot of fun - because they were basically being ignored by other social-networking sites. "Baby boomers" are the fastest growing segment of the population and we felt it was time for someone to create a special place just for them.

As far a social-networking sites go, many baby boomers are put off by the content on most of the big social networking sites which cater mostly to teens and twenty-somethings. We just thought it was time to for someone to provide a fun and safe place for baby boomers so that they could experience the fun and camaraderie that has made social networking sites so wildly popular. We've found that people, no matter what their age, when given a chance, enjoy being creative and expressing themselves. Our members are really having a great time interacting and sharing with others their own age.

Our membership grow far more quickly that we ever imagined and so far we've been able to grow by word-of-mouth, our members telling others about NotOverTheHill. We haven't put any money into advertising the site, so far.

And, we've been very impressed with the content our site members have created; it's really amazing. We're very pleased with the rapid growth of "the Hill". It's really satisfying to watch our members our members having having so much fun. And, it's been fun for us too." is free to join. To join, prospective members need only fill out a short form, choose a username and a password. Once their account is activated a member can participate in all the activities on the site.

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