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Earn Money With The Affiliate Program

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If you are a Website owner or Web Developer, you can start earning money today and earn up to 20% in referral fees (as much as almost $100 per referred sale). is a unique and extremely valuable resource for business owners to promote everything about their business in a powerful company profile on Our affiliate program provides you with a wonderful opportunity to provide your visitors with a link to our valuable resource for Internet marketing, and earn great referral fees at the same time.

How the program works
  1. You drive traffic to through links (that we'll provide you) on your website, that enable us to track your referred sales.
  2. You earn 20% (as much as almost $100) of each referred sale.
  3. We pay you for your referred sales through our Affiliate Program partner, (which enables you to have state of the art tracking and reporting on Affiliate generated sales).

Participation is Easy & Free
  1. Simply complete the brief online application
  2. Select the links or ads you want on your site
  3. Once the application has been approved, start earning commissions!

Click the “Campaign Name” below for more details on referral fees:
Campaign Name Commission Internet Marketing Sale 20.00%

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