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Sushant Mohanty Joins JobSync as Chief Technology Officer

JobSync, the leading Talent Acquisition Automation platform, announced the appointment of Sushant Mohanty as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This appointment comes at a pivotal moment for the company, underscoring JobSync’s commitment to scale the business by supporting large enterprise... - October 02, 2023 - JobSync

Revnue™ Industry Disruptive AI/ML-Based Asset and Contract Lifecycle Platform Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Revnue, a leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in Asset Lifecycle and Contract Lifecycle Management software, is thrilled to announce its availability on AWS Marketplace. - October 02, 2023 - Revnue Corp.

Author Ann Reichardt’s New Book, "Virtual Dating: Swiping for Love, Senior Style," Centers Around the Author's Attempts to Master Internet Dating as a Single Senior

Recent release “Virtual Dating: Swiping for Love, Senior Style,” from Page Publishing author Ann Reichardt, is a riveting true account that follows the author's attempts to begin internet dating after fourteen years as a single senior. As Ann does her best to navigate love in the digital age, her relationship history becomes full of intrigue, drama, heartache, and a plethora of wisdom. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Thomas Williamson’s New Book, "The Assassin’s Wife," is the Untold True Story About the Events That Followed President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

Recent release “The Assassin’s Wife,” from Page Publishing author Thomas Williamson, is the true story of the events that occurred before and during the day America’s President John F. Kennedy was murdered. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Ramona Rodgers’s New Book, "The Anatomy of a First Lady," Discusses the Problems of the Modern Leading Lady and How Such Adversities Can be Conquered in Life

Recent release “The Anatomy of a First Lady,” from Covenant Books author Ramona Rodgers, is a thought-provoking look at the trials that women in modern society often face in all facets of their lives. Drawing upon her own experiences, the author uses different parts of human anatomy as metaphors to help illustrate how these trials can be overcome through trust in one's own strength and faith. - October 02, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Dr. Denise Fleming’s New Book, "Mimi and I," is a Heartfelt Story Designed to Help Readers of All Ages Realize They Can Become Anything They Can Dream of

Recent release “Mimi and I,” from Covenant Books author Dr. Denise Fleming, is a brilliant and riveting story of a young girl named Mimi who spends the day with her grandma, imagining all the wonderful careers she could have in the future. From being an astronaut to becoming a dancer or even the president, so long as Mimi can dream it, she knows deep down in her heart she can achieve it. - October 02, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Trent’s New Book, "In Their Eyes," Follows the Debate of Twelve Diverse Jurors Who Must Decide a Young Woman's Fate Who is on Trial for a Harrowing Murder

Recent release “In Their Eyes,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Trent, is a fascinating story that centers around twelve diverse jurors who must decide whether or not to convict a woman accused of murder who claims she was a victim of ongoing abuse. While attempting to be fair and consider the defendant's past, the twelve will discover just how close to home Jan's case hit for them. - October 02, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Roy Chauvin’s New Book, "Selective Justice: My Legacy," is a Compelling and Thoughtful Nonfiction Story That Highlights the Ins and Outs of the Justice System

Recent release “Selective Justice: My Legacy,” from Page Publishing author Roy Chauvin, is a captivating and earnest book that guides readers through the complicated world of law enforcement. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Rachel Starr’s Newly Released "Homelessness: The Lost Souls" is a Heartfelt Message About the Realities of Homelessness in America

“Homelessness: The Lost Souls,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Rachel Starr, is an emotionally charged biographical work that tells the stories of several people currently experiencing homelessness and what led to this unfortunate circumstance. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Bee Douma’s Newly Released "Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Book 1" is an Enjoyable Contemporary Fiction That Explores Love, Faith, and Uncertainty

“Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Book 1,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Bee Douma, is a charming story of unexpected connections and lessons of faith as an affable cast of characters find connection within a special care center. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Bee Douma’s Newly Released "Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Book 2" Continues a Compelling Tale of Unexpected Love and Challenges

“Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Book 2,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Bee Douma, is a contemporary Christian fiction that offers readers a poignant collection of intricate connections and determined faith. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Bee Douma’s Newly Released "Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Wrap-up" is an Exciting Conclusion to a Captivating Trilogy

“Screamers: Meet the Love Sleuth: Wrap-up,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Bee Douma, is a celebration of love, faith, and the ties that bind as a heartwarming and uplifting tale comes to a satisfying close. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Dr. Victor Manning’s Newly Released “BAPTISM” is a Compelling Study of the Truths of the Baptism Ritual

“BAPTISM,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dr. Victor Manning, is a powerful reminder of the realities of baptism and man’s misconceptions regarding true salvation and connection with the Holy Spirit. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Patricia Pentecost’s Newly Released “A Little Piece of Heaven Is” is a Sweet Story of an Inquisitive Little Girl’s Determination to Discover What Heaven is

“A Little Piece of Heaven Is,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Patricia Pentecost, is a charming tale of the special connection between a loving grandma and a precocious girl who learns that a little bit of heaven can be shared anytime. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Mark DuPree’s Newly Released "The Continuing Adventures of Luke and Snoops" is a Charming Collection of Adventurous Short Stories

“The Continuing Adventures of Luke and Snoops,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Mark DuPree, is an enjoyable treasury that offers readers a collection of fun tales with important lessons layered within. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Ron Freeman’s Newly Released "The Cross 10" is an Engaging Continuation of the Compelling Saga That Began with a Fateful Encounter

“The Cross 10,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Ron Freeman, shares a tale of the profound reach of God within our lives as a collection of familiar characters and exciting new players take the stage. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Whitnie Steele’s Newly Released “Motherhood Inspiration: Praying Your Way through Healthy Parenting: A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers” is a Touching Inspirational

“Motherhood Inspiration: Praying Your Way through Healthy Parenting: A 21-Day Devotional for Mothers,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Whitnie Steele, is a compassionate message of encouragement that sheds light on the complexities of motherhood. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Cheyenne Reiss’s Newly Released "When a Loved One Goes to Heaven" is a Touching Keepsake That Helps Young Readers Process the Loss of a Loved One

“When a Loved One Goes to Heaven,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Cheyenne Reiss, is an encouraging message of comfort for families working to navigate the complex emotions that accompany the death of a friend or family member. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Ara C. Trembly, MS, MA, LPC’s Newly Released “The Right Hand of God” is a Compelling Discussion of the Realities of God

“The Right Hand of God: A Psychotherapist’s Case for the Reality of the Living God,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Ara C. Trembly, MS, MA, LPC, is a thought-provoking examination of modern challenges to the science versus faith debate and one man’s journey to finding balance and a deepened faith. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Aurora Sieg’s New Book "The Airships of Winters" is a Steamy Tale That Follows an Airship Captain Who Finds Himself Falling for the Pirate Captain That Took Him Prisoner

Fulton Books author Aurora Sieg, who resides in South Carolina and uses writings as an outlet for her social anxiety, has completed her most recent book, “The Airships of Winters”: a gripping and titillating story that centers around Wren, an airship captain who finds himself captured... - October 02, 2023 - Fulton Books

Kenzie Lou’s Newly Released "All The Words I Never Said" is an Engaging Treasury of Emotionally Charged Poetry, Letters, and Short Stories

“All The Words I Never Said,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Kenzie Lou, is an enjoyable compilation that offers readers a broad variety of themes and options to enjoy as they explore the complexities of the human spirit via the written word. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Vienna Vercelli’s Newly Released "A Tale of Two Sides" is a Thought-Provoking Discussion of Choice, Circumstance, and God’s Guiding Hand

“A Tale of Two Sides,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Vienna Vercelli, is an encouraging resource for spiritual growth that examines the ways in which scripture can affect us during different times and challenges. - October 02, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author William Macpherson’s New Book, "The Last Hanging in Ripley," is a Historical Novel About the Troubled Life of Farmhand John F. Morgan and His Horrific Crimes

Recent release “The Last Hanging in Ripley,” from Hawes & Jenkins Publishing author William Macpherson, is a fascinating tale based on true events that centers around the disturbing murders committed by John F. Morgan while delving into his past, his possible motives, and his eventual execution by hanging. - October 02, 2023 - Hawes and Jenkins Publishing

Author Brad Heyen’s New Book, "Nellie," is a Moving Tribute to the Author's Mother That Follows One Woman's Journey to Discover Who Nellie Was and Repair Her Own Life

Recent release “Nellie,” from Page Publishing author Brad Heyen, centers around Audrey, a caregiver at the Sycamore Acres Assisted Living facility who battles everyday with her least favorite resident, Nellie. After Nellie's passing, Audrey attends the funeral, only to discover how incredible her life was, and finds herself inspired to take back control of her own life, which has fallen to shambles. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Eileen Price’s New Book, "Tank and Silly to the Rescue," is a Children’s Story That Emphasizes the Value of Bringing Smiles and Joy to Others

Recent release “Tank and Silly to the Rescue,” from Page Publishing author Eileen Price, is an entertaining children’s story that follows beloved characters Tank and Silly to the park on a fall day. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Rathnam Indurthy’s New Book, "Introduction to the Middle East: History, Politics and Governments," Provides Readers with an Understanding of the Titular Region

Recent release “Introduction to the Middle East: History, Politics and Governments,” from Page Publishing author Rathnam Indurthy, delves into the conflicted background of the Middle East with detail and context from which all readers will learn. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Douglas Smock’s New Book, "Hallowed Ground," Provides a Fresh Look at History by Focusing on Some Lesser-Studied Battles That Shaped America

Recent release “Hallowed Ground: How Forgotten Battles Shaped America,” from Page Publishing author Douglas Smock, is an eye-opening look at the little-taught battles of Valcour, Churubusco, Selma, Saint-Mihiel, and Myitkyina and their lasting impact on the United States. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Sandra L. Barlett’s New Book, "Igloo Imagination," is a Charming Children’s Story That Encourages Children to Utilize Their Imagination

Recent release “Igloo Imagination,” from Page Publishing author Sandra L. Barlett, is an inspiring children’s book that celebrates creativity for readers of all ages, opening the imaginations of all children. - October 02, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Alia Edwards’s New Book, "The Fourth Secret," Follows a Small Group of Travelers Searching for a Promised Warrior Who Can Stop the Dark Forces Plaguing Their Lands

Recent release “The Fourth Secret,” from Covenant Books author Alia Edwards, is a fascinating and inventive fantasy adventure that centers around Vanna, a young woman who is granted the opportunity to help take back her homeland from the treacherous king. Accompanied by a young band of heroes, Vanna will search for the legendary hero and the only one destined to save her country from destruction. - October 02, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Linda Eriksen’s New Book, "Up in Grandma's Attic," Centers Around a Little Girl Who Explores Her Grandmother's Attic for Toys But Finds Something More Valuable

Recent release “Up in Grandma's Attic,” from Covenant Books author Linda Eriksen, tells the delightful tale of Madelyn, who heads over to her grandma's house for a fun-filled visit. When the two head upstairs into the attic to look through grandma's belongings and find some hidden treasures, Madelyn is introduced to the Bible, and takes an immediate interest in its beautiful contents. - October 02, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Tori Easterling Doby’s New Book, "Eleven Years," is a Heartfelt True Story Describing the Author's Journey with Infertility & Learning to Trust God’s Plan for Her

Recent release “Eleven Years,” from Covenant Books author Tori Easterling Doby, is a powerful and stirring account that documents the author's struggles with infertility, and her feelings of abandonment while waiting for God to answer her prayers. Through her story, Doby shares how her faith in God was restored and how her renewed relationship with Christ got her through a challenging season. - October 02, 2023 - Covenant Books

Hillary Ammon, Psy.D.’s New Book, “Managing Mr. Bossy," is an Insightful Tale That Follows a Little Girl Who Learns to Fight Back Against the Worry Monster in Her Head

Fulton Books author Hillary Ammon, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist and founder of the Center for Anxiety and Women’s Emotional Wellness, has completed her most recent book, “Managing Mr. Bossy: Understanding and Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Children”: a charming story... - October 02, 2023 - Fulton Books

Nicholas Palmeri’s New Book, "Faraway," Follows High School Senior Asher Sullivan as He Investigates an Unsolved Murder Case That Will Lead Him Far from Home

Fulton Books author Nicholas Palmeri, an avid fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres who studied at the College of Staten Island, has completed his most recent book, “Faraway”: a gripping mystery that centers around a high school senior whose investigation into a cold murder case... - October 02, 2023 - Fulton Books

Principled Technologies Study Investigates the Benefits of Upgrading to New Laptops with Windows 11 Pro

Across a series of tests, a group of current-gen Windows 11 Pro laptops powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processors showed improvements in performance, responsiveness, battery life, and surface temperature compared to older Windows 10 Pro systems. - October 02, 2023 - Principled Technologies, Inc.

Maitri Services Announces Launch of Their Kathmandu, Nepal Office and Welcomes Their New Director of Engineering

Maitri Services announces the launch of their Kathmandu, Nepal Office. This office will serve as the hub for Maitri’s product and software development initiatives. Maitri also welcomes their new Director of Engineering, Abhinayak Swar, to manage the Nepal office and facilitate day to day operations. - October 02, 2023 - Maitri Services

When it comes to hot water, a gas water heater can be an efficient and cost-effective solution. However, even the best systems can experience problems from time to time. To ensure your home has uninterrupted access to hot water, be aware of the signs that you may need gas water heater repair. - October 02, 2023 - Curoso Plumbing

Signature NYJL project to invest more than $70,000 and provide trained volunteers in restorations of community spaces. - October 02, 2023 - New York Junior League

Temporary surface protection provider, Builder Site Protection, is supplying DoorGuard Plus door protection for the Cordley Hall project at Oregon State University. - October 02, 2023 - Builders Site Protection

Excitement builds as the first glimpses of 'Totally Killer,' Blumhouse's latest slasher comedy, reveal Olivia Holt, a noted iPOP! Alum, portraying the youthful version of Kiernan Shipka's on-screen mother. The film synopsis reads: Set three and a half decades after the harrowing demise of three... - October 02, 2023 - iPOP! LA

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of "God Doesn’t Love Me," comedy poems by Gary Davis. - October 02, 2023 - Michael Terence Publishing

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of "The Last Princess," a fantasy by Maymunah Qasir. - October 02, 2023 - Michael Terence Publishing

The Dallas-based singer-songwriter follows her UK Chart-toppers with a new single, she says was “co-written by God” himself. - October 02, 2023 - MTS Management Group

Corr brings extensive expertise to lead testing, integration efforts for ThinkOrbital and advance its in-space construction technologies. - October 01, 2023 - ThinkOrbital

World-Famous Doctor Publishes 9th Children’s Book

Retired Dr. Peter Cotton releases the latest “Fred the Snake” story to the delight of children and parents everywhere - October 01, 2023 - Bublish

Maryland's First Black Film Festival Launched

KA ZARR Entertainment, an award-winning film production company, announced today the launch of the Maryland Black Film Festival (MBFF), the first film festival in Maryland dedicated exclusively to showcasing films that highlight the Black experience. The festival will be held March 4, 2024 in Greenbelt, MD. - October 01, 2023 - KA ZARR Entertainment

RealCappers.com Revolutionizes UFC and MMA Fan Engagement with Innovative Mobile App

Capitalizing on UFC's Surge and Anticipating Wider Sports Betting Regulation in the US - October 01, 2023 - AP3 LLC dba RealCappers.com

CareSmartz360 got better and more efficient with its August product updates designed to revolutionize home care services. Streamline operations, enhance caregiver-client interactions, and elevate the quality of care. Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of home care with our cutting-edge solutions. - October 01, 2023 - Caresmartz, Inc.

CareSmartz360 expands EVV integration to seven additional states, providing home care agencies with compliant Electronic Visit Verification solutions. Stay informed about their latest expansion. - October 01, 2023 - Caresmartz, Inc.

On Tuesday, October 31, from 5:00pm-8:30pm the Scientology Information Center and Church-sponsored humanitarian centers on Fort Harrison Ave. will host safe trick-or-treating and a family friendly concert at the Osceola Courtyard. - October 01, 2023 - Church of Scientology

Join Sahar Education at Structure Cellars in Seattle, WA to celebrate the ongoing success of programs that educate and empower girls in Afghanistan. Hear from Executive Director, Meetra Alokozay, Award Winning Women’s Rights activist, Shogofa Amini, and keynote speaker, Shkula Zadran, former Afghan Youth Representative to the United Nations. - October 01, 2023 - Sahar Education

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