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Author Sergeant Skid Row’s New Book, "Still Trudging: the Broad Highway," is an Engaging Series of Short Stories Inspired by the Author's Journey to Healing and Sobriety

Recent release “Still Trudging: The Broad Highway,” from Covenant Books author Sergeant Skid Row, explores the author's path to sobriety, and the trials overcome in the name of a fresh lease on life. A follow-up to the author's first book "I Trudged," Row divulges his personal experiences and explores the principles of recovery he learned from those he's met along the way. - January 31, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Kimberly Ann Rhoat’s New Book, "The Lake Mystery," Follows a Family's Lakeside Refuge That Slowly Devolves Into a Mystery of a Creature Living Below the Surface

Recent release “The Lake Mystery,” from Covenant Books author Kimberly Ann Rhoat, is an enthralling mystery that follows Casey, a mother, and her two daughters who escape to the family lakeside cabin for what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. But when odd incidents begin occurring, a larger mystery unfolds that alters Casey's life forever. - January 31, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Ralph Pendergrass’s New Book "A Legend in Time" is a Captivating Story of One Man's Incredible Adventures Through the Old West, Retold to His Grandson Years Later

Recent release “A Legend in Time,” from Covenant Books author Ralph Pendergrass, centers around a grandfather who tells his grandson of his first-hand account of his adventures through the wild west that took place as Americans began to move out and settle the land. Full of danger and suspense, Pendergrass weaves an intricate tale that brings a bygone era of American history and heroics to life. - January 31, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author J. Arthur Thomas’s New Book, "Cabbage the Golden Retriever," is an Impactful Children’s Story That Teaches Readers of All Ages an Invaluable Lesson

Recent release “Cabbage the Golden Retriever,” from Newman Springs Publishing author J. Arthur Thomas, is a meaningful children’s story that highlights the importance of accepting one’s given name with pride without worrying what others think. - January 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Julie Cheng’s New Book, "Poetry of Self-Importance: Motivation and Self-Awareness," is an Inspiring and Reassuring Collection of Works Born from a Time of Fear and Doubt

Recent release “Poetry of Self-Importance: Motivation and Self-Awareness,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Julie Cheng, is a comforting book of poems influenced by the author’s experience working in the retirement home during the pandemic. Based on the encouragement she gave to residents, Cheng’s writing is filled with hope in the midst of the unknown. - January 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Karen L. Radcliff’s New Book, "Rennaian Protected Societies: Part 1," is an Electrifying Science-Fiction Thriller About the Aftermath of an Alien Species Colonizing Earth

Recent release “Rennaian Protected Societies: Part 1,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Karen L. Radcliff, is a sensational science-fiction novel following Todd Frost in the aftermath of his parents’ disappearance. He believes they have been taken by an alien species called the Rennaians, and Todd soon finds himself also falling victim to the powerful extraterrestrials’ ploy. - January 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Paul Gurgol’s New Book, "Zero the Hero! Zero Helps a Curveball That Wouldn’t Curve," Continues Zero’s Story as He Hones His Abilities & Learns Some Valuable Life Lessons

Recent release “Zero the Hero! Zero Helps a Curveball That Wouldn’t Curve,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Paul Gurgol, is Zero’s continued journey of improvement both as an athlete and as a person. - January 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Latest Title from DB Lawhon, "On a Caribbean Tide," is a Modern Day Mystery That Brings Together Pirates Adventures Past and Present

New release “On a Caribbean Tide,” from DB Lawhon, follows Cal and Donna Arnold who find themselves the owners of a new boat for their marina and up against the rising tide of piracy in the 1980s. - January 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Janice Halladay’s New Book, "Death Treasures," Follows Two Friends as They Set Off on a Treasure Hunting Expedition That Becomes Much More Than They Bargained for

Fulton Books author Janice Halladay, a loving grandmother who enjoys the solitude the Colorado foothills bring her and her husband, has completed her most recent book, “Death Treasures”: a gripping adventure that follows two friends, Scott and Jimmy, who find themselves on the treasure... - January 31, 2023 - Fulton Books

Billy Rhodes’s New Book, "Finders Keepers," is a Thrilling Adventure Following Two Elderly Best Friends as They Evade a Drug Cartel on a Weekend Camping Trip Gone Wrong

Fulton Books author Billy Rhodes, who found his passion for writing by going to movies with his brother as a kid and dreaming about the perfect story ending, has completed his most recent book, “Finders Keepers”: a gripping and exhilarating tale about two friends becoming the unlikely... - January 31, 2023 - Fulton Books

After careful consideration and extensive research, Moetivations, Inc., a professional services company dedicated to serving 9-1-1, Emergency Communications Centers, and First Responders throughout the Nation, has been awarded a statewide contract from the Washington Military Department. This contract will be managed by the 911 Telecommunicator Training Program at the State 911 Coordinators Office (SECO) at Emergency Management Division. - January 31, 2023 - Moetivations, Inc

The book includes 3 Western Short Stories and 2 bonus non-fictional articles of historical significance. - January 31, 2023 - Grizzly Creek Publishing

Plus91 receives the official assessment report from QCI and NABH confirming that its Digital Health Platform, MediXcel covers all modules and functions in their checklist. - January 31, 2023 - Plus91 Technologies Pvt Ltd

Pala Casino Presents Upcoming Historic Final NASCAR Cup Series Race on Auto Club Speedway’s 2-Mile Oval

The Pala Casino 400 on Feb. 26, 2023, will cap a memorable "event for the ages" RFK’s Chris Buescher to drive Pala Casino-themed car at historic race. - January 30, 2023 - Pala Casino Resort Spa

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Expands Cancer Care Network to Upstate Locations

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (NYCBS), one of the leading oncology practices in the nation, and OneOncology, the national platform for independent community oncology practices, announce its plan to expand cancer care access to Orange County. The expanded footprint will provide patients... - January 30, 2023 - New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

New Personal Training Studio Launches in Tallahassee, FL

A new personal training studio has opened its doors in Tallahassee, offering residents a unique and personalized approach to fitness. The studio, named Synergee Fitness, is dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals through one-on-one training sessions with experienced and certified... - January 30, 2023 - Synergee Fitness

Author June Eaton’s New Book, "Angels on the Corner," is a Powerful Story About a Young Boy Named David Who Finds Himself Face-to-Face with an Angel

Recent release “Angels on the Corner,” from Covenant Books author June Eaton, is a compelling coming-of-age story about a fourth grader named David who encounters an angel. - January 30, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author John Robert Still’s New Book, "Intercessor," is a Suspenseful Thriller That Introduces Jim Hampton, Who Arrives in New Orleans Ready for a Fresh Start

Recent release “Intercessor,” from Covenant Books author John Robert Still, follows Jim Hampton to New Orleans where he hopes to escape the stress of quitting a lucrative, yet unfulfilling, law practice. - January 30, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Julie Bradley Garrett’s New Book, "The Lottery Winner," is a Stirring Tale of a Young Woman Who Learns Important Lessons on Wealth, Life, and Happiness

Recent release “The Lottery Winner,” from Covenant Books author Julie Bradley Garrett, is a stunning tale centered around Damaris Kelly, a young girl who faced tragedy as a child and lost both her parents. Now a lottery winner, Damaris uses her wealth to give back and travel the world, but her travels become an eye-opening experience, and she learns all too well the pitfalls wealth can bring. - January 30, 2023 - Covenant Books

PocketRN Welcomes Long-Time Home Healthcare Leader Nancy Gillette to Team

Gillette brings over 20 years of experience from home health, home care and senior living industry to leadership team. - January 30, 2023 - PocketRN

Author Roy M. Love’s New Book, "Crips and Bloods: High Risk and Big Dreams: Part 1 of 2," Shares the True Stories of the Rise of These Two Notorious Groups

Recent release “Crips and Bloods: High Risk and Big Dreams: Part 1 of 2,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Roy M. Love, is a compelling and eye-opening work that offers insight into the reality of the Crips and Bloods. - January 30, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author Grace Tyler’s New Book, "Hibiscus," is a Captivating Novel That Follows a Small-Town Girl

Recent release “Hibiscus,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Grace Tyler, introduces Erika, a small-town girl leaving behind a ghostly secret admirer and her parents’ looming divorce to embark on her journey as an empath and a college student. - January 30, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author Bernadette DiMatteo’s New Book, "What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with All Those Teeth," is the Story of What Happens When a Little Girl Loses Her First Tooth

Recent release “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with All Those Teeth,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Bernadette DiMatteo, is the magical story of losing your first tooth and what happens afterward. - January 30, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Paul Myhre’s New Book, "Canceling the Ten Commandments," is a Faith-Based Read That Brings to Light the Ongoing Erosion of Christian Morals and Values in Modern America

Fulton Books author Paul Myhre, who has studied many ministers and godly men with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has completed his most recent book, “Canceling the Ten Commandments”: an eye-opening exploration at how modern society is seeking to persecute those who wish to follows... - January 30, 2023 - Fulton Books

CRFT announces resignation of Matt Watters as CEO, Director, member of Audit Committee, and the appointment of the Company's CFO, Anthony Laud, to the Board of Directors and chair of the audit committee. - January 30, 2023 - BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd.

MUDLABS™ Announces Rebrand

The state of art drilling fluid services measurement technology to the drilling industry reducing your non-productive time - MUDLabs™ is now NPTLabs™. - January 30, 2023 - NPTLabs

Nova USA Wood Products Named Exclusive U.S. Provider of Rhino Wood

Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality wood products and accessories, has been named the exclusive provider of Rhino Wood in North America. Rhino Wood is a modified timber produced through a patented two-stage process that uses thermal modification and pressure to... - January 30, 2023 - Nova USA

VisiumKMS Partners with DREEM Solutions (DREEM) to Offer Environmental, ESG and Sustainability Software

VisiumKMS and DREEM are partnering up to improve sustainability and ensure ESG metrics are followed accurately in compliance with federal and state laws. - January 30, 2023 - Aspire Software

According to a January 2023 survey of 200 AE firm executives conducted by management consulting firm, Morrissey Goodale, 70% are anticipating that 2023 will be an even "better year than 2022," which was a record year for many firms across the country. - January 30, 2023 - Morrissey Goodale

Mayor Tishaura O. Jones to issue an Optimist Day Proclamation on Thursday, February 2, 2023. On this day, the community can be an Optimist themselves in action by joining us to honor the Optimist Club of St. Louis and its 106+ years of helping the community and youth of St. Louis,... - January 30, 2023 - Optimist Club of St. Louis

On January 7, 2023, five Black police officers from the Memphis Police Department beat up a 29-year-old black man Tyre Nichols, during a traffic stop. He was hospitalized and died 3 days later. In response to the tragedy, President Everett Winchester of the UNIA-ACL Baltimore Division 106... - January 30, 2023 - UNIA-ACL Baltimore Division 106

Graphic Connections Group, LLC (GCG), an innovative print and marketing company, announces Jeff Charlton, Founder and CEO, has been named a St. Louis Titan 100 honoree for 2023. The Titan 100 program recognizes St. Louis’ top 100 CEOs & C-level executives. They are the area’s most... - January 30, 2023 - Graphic Connections Group

“Mortal Kombat” Style Game Takes a Novel Approach to Political Contests and Elections. - January 30, 2023 - ORE System

EnergyPrint earned ENERGY STAR certification for 15 buildings, making them a Premier Member of the EPA's Certification Nation. - January 30, 2023 - EnergyPrint

MWI, Inc. is pleased to announce the new hire of Eduardo Aguilar to their EDM sales team. Aguilar brings with him nearly fifteen years of manufacturing sales experience. He has worked with both construction and private industrial industries. Aguilar holds a B.A. in Biological and Biomedical... - January 30, 2023 - MWI, Inc.

Publisher looking to break the mold when it comes to Christan literature launches a brand new online bookshop. - January 30, 2023 - Believable Books

Universal Remote Codes unveils newest Apple Watch models for 2023. Universal Remote Codes confirmed that Apple Inc. announced today the release of its newest Apple Watch models for 2023. The latest iteration of the popular smartwatch series boasts a host of new features and improvements, including... - January 30, 2023 - Universal Remote Codes

The food & nutrition industry must anchor product development and innovation by embracing the top 5 technologies to keep ahead of the competition and succeed in the marketplace, says FutureBridge. - January 30, 2023 - FutureBridge

The City of Annapolis purchased two BYD (Build Your Dreams) battery-electric K7M transit buses, which will be the first in its transit fleet - January 30, 2023 - BYD

Adnetix Media is a digital media marketing firm that offers all-in-one staffing and marketing solutions for businesses in the construction, restoration, and hospitality industries. The company helps these businesses grow their online presence through expert digital marketing strategies and tactics and provides staffing solutions to help them expand their operations. Adnetix Media is committed to providing high-quality, affordable services that help businesses succeed in the digital age. - January 30, 2023 - Adnetix Media

Now Available on Kindle and for Paperback Pre-Order, Reba Loves Shabbat by Ron Isaacs. The author's golden retriever, named Reba, seems to know when the Sabbath is coming. Each week on Friday afternoon as the house is being cleaned and prepared for the day of rest, Reba watches the action with... - January 30, 2023 - Higher Ground Books & Media

Vivez La Musique Presents the World Peace Concert and World Music Trophy Grand Finale

A multicultural event for global change. - January 29, 2023 - Vivez La Musique

No Better Events, a leading LGBT+ curated event company, is thrilled to announce the launch of "Speed Connections," a unique take on the traditional speed dating concept. The event on February 4 is open to individuals of all orientations, gender identities, relationship statuses and is... - January 29, 2023 - No Better Events

Silicon Valley-based utobo Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its affiliate marketing program. utobo is a platform that allows creators, solopreneurs, educators, coaches, and small businesses from around the world to create and sell their courses and digital products. According to utobo's... - January 29, 2023 - Utobo Inc.

Alpyne Strategy's Co-Founder & Director Elizabeth Ortlieb is a featured speaker (podcaster) at the world's largest HVAC-R expo, which is taking place Feb 6-8 in Atlanta, GA, at the Georgia World Congress Center. - January 29, 2023 - Alpyne Strategy

“The Kaizen Currency for Sustainable Success: An Ecosystemic Approach to Life” is a practical guide for individuals, organizations, and communities to understand the principles of Kaizen and how they relate to sustainability. - January 29, 2023 - iDARE® Inc

Future Electronics is featuring the Taiyo Yuden MLCCs in the latest edition of THE EDGE. - January 29, 2023 - Future Electronics

Shufti Pro launches a revamped website with a user-friendly interface and enhanced features to create ease for visitors. - January 29, 2023 - Shufti Pro

Milengo, rated among the Top-100 language service companies launches a free localization project management bootcamp for Linguistics students in Poland working in collaboration with Andrej Zito, founder of The Localization Academy. Applications accepted till February, 1. - January 29, 2023 - Milengo

Careington is proud to have served another year as a "Dream" level sponsor for the 13th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay and Oration Scholarship competition. This annual event is hosted by Linking Cultures of Frisco, a Frisco-based non-profit organization with a mission to connect... - January 29, 2023 - Careington

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