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With over 102 million Americans living in a federally designated Health Professional Shortage Area, it is critical for the U.S. to bolster the nursing workforce with highly educated and qualified professionals. - June 14, 2024 - Healthcare Workforce Coalition

Wilen Group, a leader in direct mail and trigger marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce the hire of Summer Hahnlen, formerly of LOB, as their VP of Performance Marketing. This significant addition to the team is the first in a series of major hires and equipment acquisitions planned for the... - June 14, 2024 - Wilen Group

DSV Celebrates Grand Opening of Second One Million Sq. Ft. Facility with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

DSV – Global Transport and Logistics, celebrated the opening of its newest warehouse in Lancaster, TX, on June 10, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The addition of this high-tech facility creates a mega-site campus offering clients the support of all DSV’s services in one place. - June 14, 2024 - DSV

Genesis Luxury and Brands Invests in Armando Cabral, Banking on Their Shared Mission to Bring African Creative Brands to the Forefront of Luxury

The Abidjan-based company, a member of the Genesis Group has acquired a minority stake in Armando Cabral in the wake of their sustained growth. - June 14, 2024 - Armando Cabral

M4 Engineering Inc. Acquires Phoenix Technology Works a New Prototyping Powerhouse is Created

M4 Engineering Inc., a leading Engineering, Test, and Prototyping firm in the field of conceptual design, analysis and product development has acquired Phoenix Technology Works (PTW) Maricopa, AZ to increase its footprint in full vehicle prototyping and tooling for composite applications. The... - June 14, 2024 - M4 Engineering

Sock Brand THORLO Announces Sponsorship of Professional Golfer Hannah Leiner

U.S. performance and activity sock brand THORLO Announces Sponsorship of Professional Golfer Hannah Leiner. - June 14, 2024 - Lamour Group

Does a College Degree Matter? The Diversion Center Launches a New Book and Curriculum: "How to be Successful with or Without a College Degree," by Derek Collins

Derek Collins, who has personally experienced the struggles of unemployment, addiction, and insecurity, has penned a transformative curriculum titled "How to be Successful With or Without a College Degree." This groundbreaking guide is designed for those who feel lost and are seeking direction in their journey toward success. - June 14, 2024 - Diversion Center

Donna J. Schambach's Newly Released "Reflections" is a Captivating Visual Journey

"Reflections" from Christian Faith Publishing author Donna J. Schambach is an exploration of the beauty and diversity of creation through the lens of a camera. With stunning photography and heartfelt reflections, Schambach invites readers on a spiritual journey to see the world through her eyes, offering insights and inspiration along the way. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Amber Killmer’s Newly Released "Freeing Me from Myself" is an Empowering Journey of Reflection and Spiritual Growth

“Freeing Me from Myself” from Christian Faith Publishing author Amber Killmer is a transformative narrative that explores the power of belief and the journey from addiction to recovery. Through personal experiences and insights, Killmer empowers readers to overcome challenges and embrace their inner strength. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Blake A. Eskew’s Newly Released "How the Moose Stole Florida" is a Whimsical Adventure for Young Readers

“How the Moose Stole Florida” from Christian Faith Publishing author Blake A. Eskew is an enchanting tale that follows a moose's unexpected journey from Florida's sunny shores to the chilly plains of Canada. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Lizette A. Butts’s Newly Released “The Assignment: Love, Trials, Heartache, Faith and Victory” is a Riveting Tale of Faith and Perseverance

“The Assignment: Love, Trials, Heartache, Faith and Victory” from Christian Faith Publishing author Lizette A. Butts is a compelling narrative that follows the journey of Faith, a dedicated pastor, wife, mother, and friend, as she navigates through life's challenges and triumphs. Filled with love, trials, heartache, and ultimately, victory, this book explores themes of faith, perseverance, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Jack Williams’s Newly Released “THE Question: A Guide to Answering Life’s Most Important Question” is an Insightful and Informative Resource

“THE Question: A Guide to Answering Life’s Most Important Question” from Christian Faith Publishing author Jack Williams, is a thought-provoking exploration of self-discovery and personal growth. From a morning jog came a challenge that changed his life. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Rev. Robert E. Lauder’s Newly Released “The Cosmic Love Story God And Us” is a Profound Exploration of Divine and Human Love

“The Cosmic Love Story God And Us” from Christian Faith Publishing author Rev. Robert E. Lauder is a thought-provoking examination of the mystery of love, drawing on personalist philosophy and Catholic theology to explore the relationship between God and humanity. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Dr. Mike Duffy’s Newly Released “Grandpa Saw the Light: A Partial Autobiography” is an Inspiring and Heartfelt Journey Through Faith and Life

“Grandpa Saw the Light: A Partial Autobiography” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dr. Mike Duffy is a moving and insightful narrative that explores themes of faith, resilience, and the transformative power of God's grace throughout the author's life. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Vernon Atkins’s Newly Released "The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2" Unveils Profound Insights for Spiritual Seekers

“The Hidden Keys in the Bible 2” from Christian Faith Publishing author Vernon Atkins is a thought-provoking and insightful guide that addresses the challenges many face in understanding and connecting with God. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Eric Blake’s Newly Released "What Is Your Choice?" is an Engaging and Uplifting Message of God’s Abiding Grace and Promise of Salvation

“What Is Your Choice?” from Christian Faith Publishing author Eric Blake is a transformative work that delves deep into the heart of one's spiritual journey, offering a compelling narrative that challenges readers to reflect on their beliefs, grapple with the notion of salvation, and ultimately make a choice that transcends the temporal to embrace the eternal. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Suzi Francis’s Newly Released "Be Strong and Courageous" is an Inspirational Tale of Love and Redemption

“Be Strong and Courageous” from Christian Faith Publishing author Suzi Francis is a heartwarming story of faith, love, and resilience. Set against the backdrop of college life, the book follows the journey of Amber and Julius as they navigate their pasts, confront their fears, and discover the transformative power of grace and forgiveness. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Patrick Knobloch’s Newly Released “Book IV: Demons, Kryptonite, Points of Idiocy, and Shades of Crazy” is a Thought-Provoking Dive Into Life’s Contrasts

“Book IV: Demons, Kryptonite, Points of Idiocy, and Shades of Crazy” from Christian Faith Publishing author Patrick Knobloch invites readers on a reflective exploration of life's dichotomies and challenges. Through a series of thought-provoking essays, Knobloch delves into the dualities of human existence, from the negative forces that can weigh us down to the positive influences that uplift and inspire. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author Curtis Tildon’s New Book, "Sick Doctor," is a Provocative New Thriller That Follows a Plastic Surgeon with a Twisted Secret He Will Stop at Nothing to Hide

Recent release “Sick Doctor” from Newman Springs Publishing author Curtis Tildon is a gripping drama that centers around a successful plastic surgeon who finds all of his patients sexually attractive. As he grapples with his own inner demons, the doctor is confronted by a new patient on a quest to attain beauty, and his secretary who is intent on uncovering the truth about him. - June 14, 2024 - Newman Springs Publishing

Michael Basenese’s Newly Released "TP3 Joy" is a Potent Journey of Healing and Spiritual Rebirth

“TP3 Joy” from Christian Faith Publishing author Michael Basenese is a deeply personal reflection on a series of circumstances that led the author to a profound realization and discovery of the need for change. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author John S. Carpenter MSW, LCSW’s New Book, “The Unexpected Journey,” is a Gripping Tale That Follows a Detective Who Must Investigate Claims of Religious Miracles

Recent release “The Unexpected Journey” from Page Publishing author John S. Carpenter MSW, LCSW is a fascinating and thought-provoking novel that centers around detective Randolph Sterling, whose career is brought to an abrupt end due to an injury. Determined to continue working, Sterling accepts an intriguing offer to join an elite group in the Vatican that investigates the validity of miracles. - June 14, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Midas Sienna’s New Book, "A Magickal Tale," is a Spellbinding Work of Fantasy Fiction Following a Young Woman on Her Journey Toward an Otherworldly Destiny

Recent release “A Magickal Tale” from Page Publishing author Midas Sienna is a captivating novel introducing Drasila, a young woman from a long line of gifted spellcasters navigating life after the violent deaths of her parents. A seemingly chance encounter with a centuries-old new friend sets her on a collision course with the forces of evil and, ultimately, her own fate. - June 14, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Joseph J. Morse’s New Book, "Forma Lux Heaven's Harbinger," is a Collection of Three Stories Centered Around an Angel Sent to Deliver Messages to Mankind

Recent release “Forma Lux Heaven's Harbinger” from Covenant Books author Joseph J. Morse is a fascinating and enthralling series of three stories that introduce readers to Forma Lux, a fictional angelic harbinger sent from the kingdom of heaven. Throughout each story, Morse weaves a tapestry of intrigue, humor, and spiritual revelation that will leave readers captivated until the final page. - June 14, 2024 - Covenant Books

Fulton Books author Caenan Perez, a nineteen-year-old independent philosopher and writer who has learned his disciplines through a personal library, has completed his most recent book, “On Natural Order: Philosophic Reflections on Right Libertarian Reality, in the Context of Theological... - June 14, 2024 - Fulton Books

Edward N. Kelley’s Newly Released “A Daughter’s Wish” is a Fascinating Exploration of Life, Love, and Moral Dilemmas

“A Daughter’s Wish” from Christian Faith Publishing author Edward N. Kelley delves into the complexities of life-altering decisions and their profound consequences. Through the lens of a young couple's journey, Kelley navigates the moral and ethical quandaries surrounding choices of life and death. - June 14, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Elizabeth Layne’s New Book, "Shattered Emeralds," Follows a Young Woman from a Broken Home and a Dashing Billionaire Whose Romance is Put to the Ultimate Test

Fulton Books author Elizabeth Layne has completed her most recent book, “Shattered Emeralds”: a gripping and compelling romance that explores the transformative power of love in the face of darkness as young Veronica Lancaster attempts to overcome the shadows of her past and finds... - June 14, 2024 - Fulton Books

Author Nicholas Moon’s New Book, "Lifting the Veil," is a Compelling Novel That Invites Readers Into a Captivating Exploration of Existentialism and the Paranormal

Recent release “Lifting the Veil” from Page Publishing author Nicholas Moon is the second novel of the author’s interdimensional travelers series, following “When the Goddess Returns to Eden,” and weaves a fascinating web of crime, torture, murder, and mayhem with both existential and paranormal features. - June 14, 2024 - Page Publishing

Victoria Vulcano’s New Book, "The Life of Gabriella Goosington," is a Beautiful Story of the Special Connection Between a Young Girl and Her Beloved Grandfather

Fulton Books author Victoria Vulcano, a loving mother who enjoys spending time with her daughters and being on her boat at the Jersey Shore, has completed her most recent book, “The Life of Gabriella Goosington”: a poignant and heartfelt story of a young girl and the special bond she... - June 14, 2024 - Fulton Books

Author Denise A. Pascale’s New Book, "Tragedy on the Horizon," is a Thought-Provoking Exploration of the Immediate and Lasting Consequences of the Dred Scott Decision

Recent release “Tragedy on the Horizon: The Dred Scott Conspiracy: A Historical Narrative” from Page Publishing author Denise A. Pascale is a poignant reflection on the infamous Dred Scott case of 1857, defining it as not only a grave miscarriage of justice but also a catalyst for the Civil War, shedding new light on its role in shaping the course of American history. - June 14, 2024 - Page Publishing

Communities in Schools of Los Angeles, an affiliate of Communities in Schools (CIS), the largest dropout prevention organization in the United States, has partnered with PASSERINE, an LA-based creative agency and production company, to produce their first-ever brand film. Communities in Schools of... - June 14, 2024 - PASSERINE

A New Women’s Tackle Football Team in Town: The River City Grizzlies

New to the league, but not new to the game. The River City Grizzlies is an up and coming women’s tackle football team in Sacramento, California. Their goal is to bring back the true meaning of women’s football to the city. “Where football meets community” is a slogan they live by. - June 14, 2024 - River City Grizzlies

"Hotel Incredible" Season 3 Premieres Late Summer 2024 Showcasing Unique U.S. Lodging

The highly anticipated third season of "Hotel Incredible" premieres late summer 2024 on TV Asia Network. Hosted by travel expert Brandy Conner, the show explores unique and unusual lodging across the U.S., including Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida, Titan Ranch in Arkansas, and the new Mirror Hotel in North Carolina. Available on multiple platforms including Dish, Xfinity, and Roku. - June 14, 2024 - Hotel Incredible

ABA Technologies, Inc. (ABA Tech) has been featured by the Automotive Fleet Magazine for its behavior science-based contributions to the topic of corporate driver safety in the article: “Why Won't My Drivers Do What I Need Them to Do?” The well-being of employees behind the wheel is a... - June 14, 2024 - ABA Technologies, Inc.

New York Banner Stands has launched its 24/7 production facility to offer same-day delivery of branded merchandise and marketing material. The renowned printing company offers printing solutions for all kinds of requirements. With the claims to bring Fortune 500 branding to small businesses,... - June 14, 2024 - New York Banner Stands

The Clearwater Community Volunteers Center invites charities to network and grow their skillset at the Summertime Charity Mixer. - June 14, 2024 - Clearwater Community Volunteers Center

Mark Sands, CEO of High Risk Merchant Account, today announced that he will represent his company at the 22nd Midwest Acquirers Association Annual Conference. - June 14, 2024 - High Risk Merchant Account

Striped Pig Distillery is celebrating its 11 year anniversary with an event on Saturday, June 15, featuring a limited release bourbon, specialty bourbon cocktails, Ghost Monkey beer, live music and food. - June 14, 2024 - Striped Pig Distillery

New suite of customizable modules empowers companies to boost motivation, productivity, and retention through value-based recognition, team contests, skill development, and flexible benefits. - June 14, 2024 - Albi Marketing

First Growth Agency, a leading digital marketing agency in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is excited to announce the expansion of its cutting-edge digital marketing services to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Qatar. - June 14, 2024 - First Growth Agency

Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad announces the expansion of their practice with the addition of Dr. Rozita Akhbari. Dr. Akhbari attended Iran University of Medical Science and completed her residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Akhbari is married with two daughters. When... - June 14, 2024 - Carolina Pediatrics Of The Triad

With cases increasing across the UK, Bond Rees have been called on to conduct investigations into fly tipping up and down the country and have now surpassed 20 successful cases this year alone. Covert surveillance into fly tipping hotspots have been able to reveal prolific fly tippers and aid... - June 14, 2024 - Bond Rees Ltd.

Cisdem just released the new version 17.0.0 of Data Recovery for Mac, with remarkable improvements on unsaved file recovery, browser bookmark recovery and iCloud recovery. According to Edward Riley, Cisdem’s project manager, “the last version 16.0.0 was released in April, but our work... - June 14, 2024 - Cisdem

Executives from top Bitcoin mining companies - including Arkon Energy, Riot, Cholla Energy, Cleanspark, Core Scientific, Exacore, Marathon, and Terawulf - met with former President Donald Trump late on Tuesday to discuss the future of the Bitcoin mining sector in the United States. The meeting,... - June 13, 2024 - Exacore

As summer vacation season approaches, River Valley Smile Center is committed to helping families maintain their oral hygiene routines while traveling. With many people planning trips and adventures, it can be easy to overlook dental care. Their dental experts have compiled a list of practical... - June 13, 2024 - River Valley Smile Center

New GivingPulse Report Shows Generosity Remains Steady in Q1 After a Strong End of Year in 2023

New evidence-based report from GivingTuesday captures giving behavior across the US. - June 13, 2024 - GivingTuesday

Author S.O. Strenuo’s New Book, "My Sister, My Protector," is Based on the Heartbreaking True Story of One Family, Covering Three Generations of Abuse

Recent release “My Sister, My Protector” from Page Publishing author S.O. Strenuo sheds light on the impact of the abuse that has been passed down through generations of one family. - June 13, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Leo Peterson’s New Book, “The Hotel Intrepid: Jack-Of-All-Trades,” Follows the Journey of a Woman Who Struggles to Pick Up the Pieces of Her Shattered Life

Recent release “The Hotel Intrepid: Jack-Of-All-Trades” from Page Publishing author Leo Peterson introduces Astrid Sinclair, who struggles to navigate her future as she attempts to put her life back together. - June 13, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author George Benin Nkemnacho’s New Book, "Olukumi Kingdom: A Peculiar Yoruba Enclave," Offers Insight Into the Culture of the Olukumi People

Recent release “Olukumi Kingdom: A Peculiar Yoruba Enclave” from Page Publishing author George Benin Nkemnacho gives a riveting account of the history, culture, and politics of the Olukumi people, a marginalized Yoruba community, unlike other accounts that have been the subject of mainstream literature and debates. - June 13, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Shari Harris’s New Book, "Am I One of God's Chosen?" Reveals the Truth Behind God’s Chosen People, and What It Means to Live in Complete Oneness with the Lord

Recent release “Am I One of God's Chosen?” from Covenant Books author Shari Harris explores what the Bible reveals about being one of God’s chosen people and how devoting one’s life to the Lord can lead to a more meaningful and worthwhile existence that transcends the physical into the spiritual realm. - June 13, 2024 - Covenant Books

Author Michael Gamble’s New Book, “Discovering the Fire in Your Faith: Keeping Your Spiritual Fire Burning,” Enhances the Faith of Readers

Recent release “Discovering the Fire in Your Faith: Keeping Your Spiritual Fire Burning” from Page Publishing author Michael Gamble helps readers gain a broader understanding of what it means to live for Christ. - June 13, 2024 - Page Publishing

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