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The wife of our client had recently been laid off from the company where she worked, following a conflict with the management. Rumor had it that one of the administrators had posted pictures of her on a bulletin board inside the company office building, writing derogatory and libelous statements on the pictures with the aim of defaming his former employee.

Gathering evidence is a nerve-wracking experience. It can also be an adrenaline rush, which is perhaps why private investigators delve into delicate or even dangerous situations time and again to carry out their assignments.

In this case, the assignment was covert video surveillance. The client required verification along with documentation that these pictures existed and that they did indeed insult the client. Unfortunately, the client was denied access to the office building, so they turned to RSL for assistance.

Realizing the delicacy of the case, the RSL case analyst assigned an investigator to conduct covert video surveillance of the office building in search of the pictures. Following standard operating procedure, the investigation was conducted in a fully court-admissible manner. The investigator went undercover, posing as a laborer looking for work, with a concealed video camera on his person.

Entering the building, the investigator asked for a job application, and, on his way to fill it out, saw pictures with offensive statements written on them in black marker. He struck up a conversation about it with a nearby employee, and quickly determined that it was indeed the picture he was looking for. The investigator took covert video footage of the picture to establish that the pictures were hanging in public view and contained libelous statements.

Once the video was taken, the investigator returned to RSL headquarters to analyze and edit the footage, copying a few frames of video to create still photos. Then, as per RSL standard operating procedure, the investigator compiled a comprehensive report of his covert video surveillance for delivery to the grateful client.

Since all RSL investigations are done in compliance with the highest standards of professionalism, legality, and ethRSL, every bit of information the investigator collected was able to be used in the client's court case, providing him with the information and evidence he needed to continue his legal battle.