BCI Aircraft Leasing, Inc.

Brian Hollnagel

President and CEO


Brian Hollnagel is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BCI Aircraft Leasing, Inc. which he founded in 1997. The company’s success is a testament to Mr. Hollnagel’s unique vision of the commercial aircraft leasing business and his strong commitment to BCI’s relationships. Spurning the highly leveraged fad of the late 1990s, Mr. Hollnagel built a company based on prudent leverage, true equity investment, and commitment to BCI’s stakeholders. Mr. Hollnagel also eschewed high yield/high risk airlines in favor of more moderate returns provided by the world’s leading carriers. On these simple concepts, Mr. Hollnagel built BCI into a billion dollar commercial aircraft trading organization, one of the fastest growing in the industry. Prior to founding BCI, Mr. Hollnagel was employed by United Airlines, working directly with the chief pilot and director of flight operations. Mr. Hollnagel began flying at age 15 and has been a multi-engine pilot since 1992. He has flight experience in commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 737. Mr. Hollnagel attended Purdue University for Aviation Technology, Leasing and Finance.

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