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Chirange Incident Commander with GPS Tracking

Designed specifically for Incident Commanders of firefighters and police tactical units, Chirange is a secure tablet based GPS tracking application that monitors in real time the movements of all personnel attending incidents or involved in operations covering any localised or extensive geographical area.

The Chirange Incident Commander and GPS tracking system involves two main hardware elements, firstly the GPS Tracker devices which are either rugged personal GPS trackers or GPS Smartphones worn by fire, police or security personnel. The second element of the Chirange tracking system is the new Android 3.0 tablet (i.e. Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) which is the Commander computer used by senior officers or scene incident commanders to monitor and display all personnel positions in real time and to control the many Chirange features like creating sectors, groups, drawing zones with geo-fence alerts for hazard or danger areas, viewing all attending personnel, adding live on screen annotation notes and later generating comprehensive incident reports.

Commanders equipped with Chirange Android tablet computers will have full access to an extensive range of real time visual information about the evolving incident, as Chirange can provide Commanders with the big pictureand instant zoom in for micro detail, all at the simple swipe of a finger.

It can be quite common to have GPS equipment fitted in emergency vehicles, though once emeregency personnel exit their vehicles then monitoring their exact positions often stops there, so Chirange has been designed to take over from where vehicle GPS tracking ends and continues to monitor the location of all personnel attending an incident that are equipped with Chirange GPS tracking devices.

Features Overview

* Enterprise Android tablet using easy finger select and swipe navigation/control.
* Real-time GPS tracking of all personnel involved with incidents or operations.
* Know exact firefighter and officers positions day or at night in any weather condition.
* Highlight danger or hazard zones with automatic visual geo-fencing alerts.
* Fully customise zone/sector violation or alerts rules to meet your exact requirements.
* Highly customisable solution, change screen symbols, colours and labelling.
* Assign specific personnel to groups/sectors and display on screen everyone or by selected. groups/sectors, view just the information you want to see at any point in time.
* Auto-calculate building or area size, measure on-screen point to point distances with just two screen taps.
* Replay facility to view any incident with media player like controls for post incident or training analysis, with full audit trail, see who was where with all screen alerts displayed.
* Comprehensive post incident reporting, incident management solution.
* Fully scalable solution, start small, add more devices/users at any time.

This enables police or fire commanders/controllers to instantly view the exact position of all personnel involved with a particular incident or operation, be it involving a police firearms unit or a major fire, all on scene personnel can have their movements accurately monitored on Google maps (or other GIS) system, so providing commanders with a real-time bird’s eye view of any live incident. Any authorised commanders onsite, at HQ or located anywhere in the world can view and share the same live information feed with the commanders Android tablet, with each person having the ability to create zones, groups or annotate on screen with having independent control of the viewing functions. By allowing senior commanders a shared view of a live incident, this can certainly assist in a better overall understanding of the incident and in making better co-ordinated decisions by providing quicker visual communications and authorisations as all commanders can view the same big picture or just allocated sections, all in real-time.

Chirange brings with it a new level in safety and automated awareness monitoring, providing commanders with a constant stream of live visual positioning data, yet warning them of dangers, using geo-fencing tool enables any zone or area violation alerts to be immediately highlighted on the commanders Android tablet display, so appropriate action can be communicated to the relevant personnel.

To enable a clearer picture of an incident should many personnel be involved in close geographical proximity, Chirange can display all or just particular groups of people. For example a fire and rescue service commander dealing with a large industrial fire incident can choose to display only his breathing apparatus (BA) teams, so enabling him to select and view the important information that he wants to see at any time, however by default the Chirange Incident Commander displays all personnel attending an incident.

Chirange displays auto-calculating measuring tools so commanders can simply highlight a screen area with their finger and a buildings size or area total will be displayed, a screen compass indicator will provide the view direction and a manual wind direction indicator is also a standard feature. Screen symbols and labelling are fully customisable, allowing customers to configure the application in a way to suit their existing business and working practices, there is extensive means to change ID symbols, display label detail and colour coding, in addition to quickly customising the types of work groups (teams), zones, sectors and hazards that can be displayed together with emergency assistance alert and non-movement parameters. In simple terms customers are able to set the rules and customise their particular configuration of Chirange that will work for them.

The Chirange replay function provides both police and fire commanders with a quick and simple method for post incident analysis or operation de-briefing, enabling a real time action replay using media player like features. Replay and view an entire incident from beginning to end or just select a particular segment, jump backwards, forwards in time, zoom in for more detail, zoom out for a bird’s eye view, see all zones and screen annotations added by commanders, even synchronise the replay with time-coded radio communications. Chirange captures and stores all tracking data and visual information from every incident, so the replay function is ideal for incident debriefings and could indeed form part of any technical evidence should legal actions or criminal investigations become involved after an incident.

Chirange Incident Commander is a secure cloud based GPS tracking and incident management system, available as a monthly contract rental service that incorporates everything required; all GPS tracking devices, commander Android tablets, Chirange software, GIS licensing and cellular data communications. Additionally Chirange will help customers configure their system, train users and of course provide ongoing support.

We have designed Chirange Incident Commander to be a highly customisable real time personnel tracking and incident management solution, that is scalable, robust, quick to deploy and above all very easy to use. Chirange is a new visual incident management tool designed to aid personnel safety by providing on scene conmmanders from police and fire departments with visual tracking and positioing data that will assist their decision making as the incident develops.

For further information about Chirange Incident Commander with GPS Tracker or to arrange an online/on-site presentation please contact us by phone or email.