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Geospatial Tracker
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Extending the tracking capabilities of GPS Tracker to permit accurate indoor location tracking of personnel in GPS denied environments like inside buildings, which when the system is fully deployed will greatly assist fire and police incident commanders in managing live operations where firefighters or police officers are deployed inside buildings.

Geospatial Tracker will effectively work like a 3D indoor positioning system, providing metre accurate locations of all personnel equipped with Chirange Geospatial Tracking devices to commanders, so they know exactly where their men are when involved with incidents or operations inside buildings, even at what height they are located.

The Chirange Geospatial Tracker will utilise a special GPS/inertial navigation tracking device carried by fire and police personnel that can switch modes seamlessly from outdoor GPS navigation to indoor inertial navigation, so providing a complete situational awareness system, giving commander’s real time visual position information of all their personnel be they operating outdoors or inside buildings.

Chirange Geospatial Tracker will have some key features that include the ability for commanders to generate on the fly a simple 3D wireframe drawing of any building on the Android tablet using easy finger screen controls. This permits commanders to have a clear visual 3D diagram on screen placed over the exact GIS co-ordinates which details the metre accurate positions of all personnel being monitored using Chirange real time location tracking inside a building.

In future there are plans to import 3D CAD drawings for larger buildings and sites such as shopping centres, office blocks or sports arenas, so allowing for much more detailed information about floor layouts, exit locations to be visible to commanders with live personnel tracking data overlaid providing an enhanced view of the incident.

A key feature for Chirange Geospatial Tracker is called Retrace. This will for example permit firefighters equipped with CGT units to retrace their entrance route into a building should the situation require they do so. Wearing an earpiece firefighters will hear constant audio on foot navigation commands from the CGT inertial tracking unit, providing them with a means of exiting a building even when they have no visual reference if in darkness or in smoke filled areas and in emergencies act as a firefighter locator.

Our objective is to progressively develop Chirange Geospatial Tracker into an essential safety tool for firefighters and police officers alike, allowing the location of all emergency service personnel entering buildings to be monitored in real time by on scene commanders or incident command posts, so as the incident develops commanders have the most up to date information immediately and visibly at hand on all their personnel involved with the incident, knowing where every person is at any point in time.

Key features of Chirange Geospatial Tracker

* Geospatial Tracker will accurately monitor personnel positions indoors, in any GPS denied environments.
* Seamlessly switch to and from GPS to inertial tracking mode (outdoors/indoors).
* Visual symbol change viewed on new 10 inch Android tablets when personnel being tracked enter indoors (non-GPS) environment and lose GPS tracking signal.
* Commanders can generate on the fly simple 3D wireframe drawings of any building, which is superimposed in relative building position on the GIS (Google map).
* Chirange Geospatial Tracker will provide accurate position coordinates overlaid on GIS, stating 3D data positioning measuring height (altitude) along with distance and direction.
* Personnel equipped with special Chirange Geospatial Tracker devices can use the “Retrace” feature which provides voice commands via earpiece to retrace the entrance route to navigate the way out of the building.

The Chirange Geospatial Tracker (CGT) is still in development and is designed to work as an extended product to the GPS Tracker, especially for customers like Fire & Rescue services and Police tactical units that have a universal requirement to track their personnel inside buildings when attending incidents or involved in operations.

Given the integration of the advanced inertial tracking technologies being used, it is currently planned that Chirange Geospatial Tracker will be released in late Q4 2011, when we are planning to commence several small scale trials with select number law enforcement units and fire departments.

Should you wish to know more about Chirange Geospatial Tracker or are interested in your organisation potentially taking part in the CGT trial, then please do contact our sales team and we will be happy to assist you further.

Telephone: +44 (0)161 660 1439


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