Saint-Gobain Seals

OmniLip™ Rotary Shaft Seals and DynaLip® Lip Seals

Saint-Gobain Seals Group has a complete line of metal-cased lip seals with many PTFE and PTFE blended sealing elements. These seals were designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. OmniLip™ seals can endure hostile environments, unlike elastomer lip seals, but similar to mechanical face seals. In addition, OmniLip™ seals can be manufactured at a much lower cost than mechanical face seals.

Typical Applications:

• Hydraulic Motors & Pumps
• Chemical Pumps
• Rotary Compressors
• Drilling & Tapping Spindles
• High Speed Gearboxes
• Crankshafts
• Robotics
• Food & Drug Processing
• Mixers
• Actuators
• Alternators & Generators
• Radar, Thermal & Optical Devices