In 2009, the company acquired "XA, The Experiential Agency." XA clients consist of a myriad of leading blue chip companies including, but not limited to, NBC/Universal, Bloomberg, Disney, Belkin, USA Network, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Michael Kors, Emirates Airlines, Ritz-Carlton, Bravo and The Four Seasons.
The original Experiential Agency, founded in 1989, XA specializes as a highly creative one stop experience, an "Experiential Planet" for the new age of media, providing services such as branding campaigns, corporate events, public relations, and social media networking.
The firm works closely with each client to provide customized services. Management emphasizes the importance of customer service, consistency in product quality, and maximum value–add. Customized services include, but are not limited to: large-scale events, road shows, marketing, video mapping, stunts, brand ambassadors, and digital activation. Management's approach to customization and value-add have enabled XA to have a high client retention rate.