Good Gaming

Just last year, CMG made a bold move into the burgeoning video gaming space, acquiring Good Gaming Inc., a North American, high-powered site that builds champions and is the training ground for players of League of Legends, World ofWarcraft, Call of Duty, and many other top gaming titles.
This all-encompassing eSports platform will target 16-25 year old single gamers with disposable income and 18+ hours of weekly gaming. will be the vital link for those who want to evolve to become a pro-status gamer in the gaming community.
Good Gaming’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly, and competitive environment for all gamers. It intends to promote professional gaming with a healthy vision towards innovation and technology, to seek to uphold the highest quality standards, and to provide guaranteed results. In addition, Good Gaming will provide up-to-date, empowering content and astounding entertainment, profitable tournament opportunities, and a social avenue never before seen in the eSports realm.
CMG Holdings anticipates significant revenue growth through increased client engagements, acquisitions of potentially lucrative opportunities throughout the financial universe, organic growth and cross selling services.