Essential Spanish for the Speech-Language Pathologist Workbook

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Our first book covering a plethora of important information that all SLPs must have if they have Spanish speaking caseloads.

122 Pages 8 1/2" X 11"
Spiral Bound

Information covered includes:

Part 1: Common Category Vocabulary Worksheets
Animals, Birthday Vocabulary, Body Parts, Calendar Items/Numbers/Seasons, Clothing, Colors, Community Place, Computer, Concepts, The Family, Foods & Drinks, Garden, Household Items, Musical Instruments, Occupations, Office Supplies, Oral Awareness, School Vocabulary, Shapes, Sports, Storybook Characters, Tools, Toys, Transportation, Weather

Part 2: Spanish 101
Greetings, Nouns - Definite & Indefinite Articles, Adjectives, Pronouns, Present, Tense of Regular Verbs, Preterite of Regular Verb, Imperfect tense of Regular Verbs, Conjugated Verb Chart

Part 3: Articulation Verbal Prompts
Bilabial Sounds, Labiodental Sounds, Labial/Velar Sounds, Interdental/Linguadental Sounds, Lingua-Alveolar Sounds, Voiced Lingua-Alveolar Sounds, Alveolar Sounds, Palatal Sounds, Velar Sounds

Part 4: Commands (Frequently used requests)
Art Activities, Bathroom Commands, Behavior Commands, Computer Commands, Music Commands, Oral Motor Commands, Conjugated Commands Verb Chart

Part 5: Caregiver Handouts
Parent’s permission to evaluate (Form 1 of 2), Parent’s permission to evaluate (Form 2 of 2), Form if child was tested and does not qualify for speech-language services, Form if child qualifies for speech-language services. (Form 1 of 2), Form to obtain signature to place child in therapy - Agreement with IEP (Form 2 of 2), Bilingual Oral Motor Exercises, Dysphagia Handouts, Bilingual Long and Short Term Treatment Goals

Part 6: Anatomical Information
The Ear, The Mouth, The Larynx

Part 7: Spanish Pronunciation Key

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