CBCB Products, LLC

CBCB Products, LLC

The e-Raticate Rodent Repellant System

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A striking improvement over the poisonous alternative
Using hard core, chemical killing agents to battle such an uncontrollable infestation affects our air, our environment and our health. The dangers found in 'rat poisons' are often more harmful than the rats themselves.

The discovery
The olfactory nerves in a rodent work the same as those found in most mammals, including humans. The difference between what we find pleasant and offensive to our sense of smell are pretty clear. A rose and a skunk is a good example. We would be pleased with a rose on our dinner table, but a wild skunk spray would send us running from the dinner table...far from the dinner table! Just as we react to a close-up odor of skunk spray, the rodent has an immediate reaction when they smell an unfamiliar scent, like "mint" and an intermittent, alternate scent to confuse them. The application of e-Raticate and a suggested, alternate scent will cause heightened suspicion and send them running...far from their food source. Rats can survive without water longer than camels, but they need to eat every day or they will die. We drive them from their food source and they die naturally