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Since 2012, rertech is an authorized reseller of South Korea's UCL Swift company, formerly known as Ilsintech
UCL Swift is a manufacturer of fusion splice machines for optical fiber, i.e. very advanced piece of equipment which are capable of perfectly aligning 2 glass optical fibers and fuse them to optain a single optical fiber, with almost no loss in optical power.
As such, Rertech imports and resells UCL-Swift range of optical splicers, with the added value to provide traing and repair services.
Swifty-KF4, one of UCS Swift gems in this field, is the optimal solutions for most applications in the data transmission, from networking to telecommunications.
Nevertheless, where KF4's features compromise to nothing, is in FTTH networks.
Thanks to its speed, feather like weight and unreached reliability, Swift-KF4 is the perfect companion to any optical fiber technician and engineer.