Inter-Tel Technologies

Applications Platform: IVR

To distinguish yourself from the competition and build loyalty, your customers and clients need access to your services and information 24/7. Inter-Tel Applications Platform is a flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that supports Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-To-Speech (TTS), Biometric Speaker Verification and custom applications developed by Inter-Tel’s Custom Solutions Group that address your unique business needs.

Interactive Voice Response can be deployed to automatically route calls to a particular department or personnel, provide account information to your customers and clients, execute transactions and deliver important messages or information.

Automatic Speech Recognition enables callers to conveniently talk with your computers versus keying in touchtone digits to make a transaction or to be routed to a department.

Text-To-Speech reduces costs and increases productivity by replacing human recordings. Textual information from your databases is converted into detailed, personalized information and “spoken” to callers.

Biometric Speaker Verification takes a voice print of your client’s or patient’s personal pass code for convenient access to your services. Your client or patient can dial into your system, and speak their personal pass code for secure access to the information or services they desire.

IVR Applications by Industry
Inter-Tel designs solutions and offers services for businesses and organizations of all sizes across several industries. Some of our emphasized areas of expertise include Automotive Dealerships; Education; Financial Services; Government; Health Care; Manufacturing and Real Estate.

Improving Business Processes
- Enhance the customer experience with 24/7 access to your services and information

- Provide convenient services such as the ability to make real-time account transactions

- Decrease abandoned call rates

- Increase employee productivity by automating information or repetitive tasks

- Reduce overhead and increase customer loyalty