Inter-Tel Technologies

Enterprise® Instant Messaging

Busy professionals often need to respond to business matters and questions quickly. Inter-Tel addresses this requirement by offering a browser-based instant messaging tool for the business environment. The Enterprise Instant Messaging intuitive user interface enables users to create a list of contacts or groups to communicate more efficiently. From the same interface, users can send e-mails or conduct chat sessions, as well as send documents or files to quickly address changing business situations. Users can also see the online presence status of colleagues and team members to streamline communications. This feature-rich solution enables employees to better manage their workflows and instantly respond to imperative business matters.

When integrated with Inter-Tel Enterprise® Conferencing, users can instantly conference colleagues, customers and clients, as well as show Web presentations and important documents—facilitating real-time collaboration.

Improving Business Processes
- Quickly address critical business situations

- Web-based interface enables users to access features from many locations, without worrying about installations

- View the online presence status of colleagues to ease communications

- Protect valuable enterprise information with secure messaging

- Immediately show critical documents to any chat participant

- Refer to historical chat sessions for future reference