Inter-Tel Technologies

System Manager

System Manager software unites Inter-Tel's diverse product line into a family of products that can be viewed, programmed, managed and diagnosed through a single interface. This consistency across Inter-Tel's product lines aids in the training of support personnel and enables them to better troubleshoot problems in the field. From a single, Web-based interface, system administrators and technicians can manage an entire networked system with multiple applications—easily and remotely.

Improving Business Processes
- Provides a convenient, Web-based client interface to manage the entire system remotely

- Allows users to drill down and view individual nodes, eliminating the need to travel to each site for access

- Displays T1, E1 and IP link status, offering a clear view of the network’s status

- Provides support for monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) on Internet Protocol

- Resource Cards (IPRCs), measuring the quality of IP phone calls

- Enables an enterprise to reduce the cost and overall complexity of operating the system