Inter-Tel Technologies

Telephony Manager

Many business use Microsoft® Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage customer account information and make informed business decisions. An Inter-Tel Presence tool, Telephony Manager links an Inter-Tel communications platform to Microsoft CRM so your business can build customer loyalty, collaborate effectively with team members and make informed business decisions.

Telephony Manager automatically links incoming customer calls to a company’s MSCRM database, via Automatic Number Identification (ANI)—screen-popping customer information to sales and support personnel. Employees immediately have the customer information they need to provide superior customer service. Telephony Manager also enables users to convey their current availability to fellow colleagues for better collaboration and workflow. Additionally, the integration allows employees to transfer, conference or record the call from the MSCRM interface.

Improving Business Processes
- Easily initiate, manage and track telephone conversations directly from MSCRM

- View all contact and account information from a central location—improving customer service levels

- Improve call center or workgroup efficiency with transferring and teleconferencing capabilities

- View a list of employees associated with a particular account, as well as their presence information, before conferencing or transferring a call to them

- Expedite call handling with call control buttons, such as hold, transfer, conference and quick dial for outbound dialing

- Record and share conversations for future reference and to share information across departments