Inter-Tel Technologies

Unified Communicator®

Unified Communicator software blends presence management, call handling features, routing rules, contacts and messages into a single solution—enabling users to manage their communications with ease.

This powerful Presence Management tool enables users to communicate their current location and status to colleagues, partners and clients, as well as view the presence status of other users on the system. Users can effectively manage the status and forwarding information for their multiple devices such as office phones, IP phones, SIP devices, cellular phones and wireless devices, as well as personal computers and handhelds.

Users can easily set up call routing rules to reduce distractions or ensure important calls are never missed. Call control buttons enable you to handle multiple calls efficiently and perform a variety of functions such as answer, transfer, hold, record, mute, group listen and hang up. The address book feature consolidates all of your contacts in one place. From the address book, you can view the real-time availability status of colleagues, initiate calls and create speed-dial buttons for better collaboration with core team members. Associates can also view a log of inbound and outbound calls.

Improving Business Processes
- Extend presence beyond the traditional workstation or office

- Receive mission-critical calls and improve customer relations by routing calls to specific locations or team members

- Facilitate mobility by accessing features via speech recognition while on the go

- Communicate important information to clients, customers or associates with customized greetings

- View the availability status of coworkers to improve collaboration