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Unified Messaging

Whether you're in the office or on the road, Unified Messaging software provides a single contact point for all your messages (voice mail, e-mail and fax). You can get all your messages in one call by connecting to your e-mail server—reducing long distance expenses. Mobile and remote professionals will especially benefit from Unified Messaging software with quick and easy access to messages from anywhere—anytime.

Designed to run in a Microsoft® Windows® environment, this Inter-Tel Messaging tool combines voice mail and fax with existing e-mail services. Your voice and fax messages are either converted to standard file formats, or seamlessly integrated so that you can view, access and process them through a variety of devices. You'll also experience a great deal of convenience and increase your productivity by sending and receiving faxes from your PC.

With extensive benefits for organizations, Unified Messaging software is an invaluable communication tool. It improves customer service and employee activity, facilitates mobility and provides businesses with the competitive edge needed in today's marketplace.

Improving Business Processes
- Enables mobile and remote professionals to access all types of messages from anywhere using the same device

- Saves time and increases productivity with a universal inbox to manage all your important messages

- Improves customer and colleague relations with quicker responses to vital messages