Inter-Tel Technologies

Voice Processing Unit

Inter-Tel’s Voice Processing Unit provides messaging tools such as an automated attendant, call routing announcements, robust voice mail, various call handling functions and unified messaging capabilities.

The automated attendant is like a “virtual employee” routing your customers and clients to the department, person or information they need—24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. The call routing announcement application can be used in place of a playback device, which is especially useful for hunt group announcements and overflow stations. When called, the call routing announcement application plays a recording and then hangs up. Callers can also press a single digit for access to a mailbox, a Fax-On-Demand function, or a station or hunt group that has an associated mailbox or extension ID.

The powerful voice mail application handles calls by subscribers and non-subscribers. Callers hear the main greeting, followed by a menu of available options. And, for holidays and weekends, your business can use the Scheduled Time-Based Application Router (STAR) function for simplified programming of alternate greetings. Voice mail enables users to access messages from anywhere, anytime with a touchtone phone.

The Inter-Tel Voice Processing Unit also supports Inter-Tel Unified Messaging software enabling employees to streamline all of their voice mail, e-mail and fax messages into a universal mailbox.

Improving Business Processes
- Direct customers, clients and associates to their desired extension destinations intelligently and quickly —reducing long distance charges

- Allow callers to leave a message or dial another extension if their calls are unanswered

- Provide a record of important calls for quality assurance purposes, employee training and more

- Enable employees to access messages from virtually anywhere, anytime

- Offers flexible greeting options, allowing your business to tailor messages suitable for your unique needs

- Maximize employee productivity and responsiveness by combining voice mail, e-mail and fax