Inter-Tel Technologies

Audioconferencing Phones and Bridges

Success in today’s highly competitive business climate demands cutting-edge communications resources. What better way to connect, collaborate and interact more effectively with you business partners and vendors than with audioconferencing capabilities. Inter-Tel’s powerful portfolio of conferencing products and services brings increased productivity and efficiency to businesses of all sizes.

ClearOne® offers the MAX Wireless and MAX EX tabletop conferencing phones for use in meeting rooms. Both designs are easy to transport and configure. MAX Wireless lets you easily convert any office within 150 feet of the base station into a conference room without wires on the table or floor. Max EX expands to fit larger rooms by linking up to four phone units complete with microphone, loudspeakers and controls for an even distribution of sound.

Forum Communications International is a leading provider of conference bridges for business, government, education and public service markets, and manufacture two lines of conference bridges – the Confer III ECS and the ConsortiumTM. Confer III ECS Series provides a low-cost, easy-to-install, easy-to-use audioconferencing bridge, that features a “Meet Me” capability, and hosts 8-72 ports plus additional features. The Consortium is a comprehensive conference system that is Microsoft® Windows® NT-based. The system connects to the corporate LAN and utilizes a T-1 digital interface to a PBX. This highly sophisticated system features 24-96 ports and beyond.

Polycom® offers full-duplex audioconferencing units that provide crystal clear speakerphone conversations through their patented Acoustic Clarity Technology. VoiceStationTM 100 is the smallest and least expensive multiperson conference phone—ideal for offices and small conference rooms. SoundStation® and SoundStation® IP 3000 are systems designed for small conference rooms or offices. SoundStation® Premier® offers high-quality sound for medium-size conference rooms or executive offices. SoundStation VTX 1000TM is the world’s first automatically adapting conferencing system for lifelike sound in any size conference room or executive office.

TEC International offers the Audio Conference Exchange (ACE) – an affordable four or eight-port audioconference bridge designed for departmental or small office teleconferencing applications. The superior amplification and equalizer circuitry allows you to leverage your existing phone system conference call capacity by linking it and the ACE together, allowing you to conference six to 10 parties. Meet-Me II (MM-II) and Meet-Me Lite solutions are typically connected to the host phone system via a hunt group of analog extension ports. MM-II audioconferences may be achieved automatically or manually, depending on your conference requirements. Four to 27 ports are available in increments. Multi-Telepatcher II (MT-II) is a solid state audioconferencing system that connects to standard two-wire telephone lines, accommodating from eight to 48 lines in a single system. It may be used in conjunction with a host system or directly connected to the public network with its own listed directory number.