Inter-Tel Technologies

Call Accounting and Internet Tracking

When you need easy-to-use employee productivity and management tools, Inter-Tel offers solutions that provide the information you need to better administer your business and associates.

MicroTel Microcall® offers traditional call accounting, as well as Internet tracking solutions. Microcall Call Accounting software is compatible with Inter-Tel and other brands of telephone systems that support Scheduled Message Detail Reports (SMDR) output. Microcall offers Internet tracking with IAM (Internet Access Manager), subscription-based software that tracks employee Internet usage.

Trisys sells more call accounting in the U.S. than any other call accounting company. Since 1984 they have provided the TapitTM EX and TalityTM call accounting solutions. The basic system tracks call detail for up to 999,999 extensions. Additionally, Trisys InsightTM is available for Internet tracking.