Inter-Tel Technologies

Cordless and Wireless

When your employees require mobile communications solutions, Inter-Tel has a wide-range of solutions designed to address the requirements of almost any environment—inside buildings, throughout campuses, and even remote locations where cellular service may not be available. Options include digital cordless, two-way radios and satellite telephones.

EnGeniusTM Cordless Phone System has more power than most of the conventional cordless phones on the market. The SN 920 Ultra System enables long-range cordless communications with mobility and clarity. This system also includes a push-to-talk capability that emulates a two-way radio conversation.

GlobalstarTM offers satellite telephones and service. Unlike cellular technology, global satellite coverage by Globalstar enables telephone communications in even the most remote areas. Both hand-held and telephone system-interfaced solutions are available.

Inter-Tel Cordless INT3000 and INT4000 telephones are digitally integrated endpoints for Inter-Tel advanced communications platforms. Through this integration, these cordless endpoints offer many of the features available on a wired Inter-Tel endpoint. The result is greater flexibility and improved productivity when you are away from your desk.

RELM Wireless is a handheld two-way radio offering that is especially suited for onsite communications requirements. Two-way radios are cost effective and have no on-going monthly subscription or usage fees.

SpectraLink® offers advanced digital micro-cellular design that goes beyond the technology of cordless phones, two-way radios and cellular phones to provide high-quality yet cost-effective onsite wireless communications. SpectraLink wireless telephone systems integrate with Inter-Tel advanced communications platforms.