Inter-Tel Technologies

IP Products

Communications systems utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) devices require cost-effective solutions to deliver voice and fax services over data infrastructure, efficiently and without any loss to voice quality. Inter-Tel includes in its portfolio the technology you need to connect branch and remote offices by utilizing Voice over IP.

AudioCodesTM provides the MP 104 Gateway for applications when an Inter-Tel advanced communications platform is equipped with IP endpoints. This four Channel Analog (FXO) Media Gateway interfaces to the Inter-Tel Axxess® converged communications system. It addresses applications where remote offices are set up with IP endpoints and IP single lines that require access to the local Loop Start CO Lines.

Axel, Inc. offers an RS232 (serial port) to IP Converter. This flexible, cost-efficient solution enables connections of various serial peripherals (printers, terminals, modems, etc.) to Ethernet (TCP/IP LAN) data networks.

Red Hawk offers Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products. Red Hawk PowerSense power hubs safely and efficiently provide power over LAN data cabling for VoIP phones, wireless access points and other remote access devices. It is a solution compatible for powering Inter-Tel IP endpoints.